Paramedic Alfred Anderson
Killing Floor

Cosplayer: Leadmill

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

22nd September 2013: Costume Error After seeing the first lot of pictures from Aya I realised I have the drop leg on the wrong leg and the belt kit with accessories in wrong place. That will be rectified on next wearing.

14th August 2013: Hat Patch Alias did a fantastic job fabricating an NHS patch for the hat as they cannot be purchased in shops.

13th August 2013: Bone Saw Rig Test Mount Rig was tested to see how suitable it was. It's not perfect but allows limited mobility and looks ok.

13th August 2013: Bone Saw Rig Bone Saw was mounted onto a dropleg panel using elasticated velcro. Loops for the excess straps were also added. Along with the Surgical Scissoers which are mounted alongside the Bone Saw.

13th August 2013: Defibrilator and Medic Bags Bags were made by EJ Sephyirane. They were packed out to maintain thier shape. They will need a bit of modifying so they sit right.

13th August 2013: Belt Medical Items For the belt kit I sourced some Ace Bandages, modified three Pill Bottles, and some Medical Tape. They were attached to the belt using self adhesive velcro, a loop was wrapped around the belt in several sections. The belt items then had velcro attached. This was so they could be added/repositioned/removed without the belt having to be taken off.

12th August 2013: Medical Tape Was unable to find medical tape in an accurate size, so used masking tape instead.

12th August 2013: Latex Gloves After some searching I was able to buy some white latex gloves. All the ones I use at work are either blue or purple and therefore unsuitable.

12th August 2013: Syringe Gun Finished Medic Syringe Gun by In Your Dreams FX

12th August 2013: Bone Saw Completed Bone Saw by In Your Dreams FX

12th August 2013: Paramedic Shirt Patches for new shirt were salvaged from an old surplus one supplied very kindly by Nekoflamealchemist

11th August 2013: Syringes + Holster Syringe holster made by the very talented

8th August 2013: Small Pill Bottles Sourced some small pill bottles and resprayed caps to correct colour. Will add RX labels shortly.

8th August 2013: Stethascope A standard stethascope was sourced from a medical supplies website. Was given a few coats of matte black paint to match reference material.

8th August 2013: Bone Saw WIP Progress on Bone Saw made by In Your Dreams FX

25th July 2013: Paramedic Slides Sorted a set of paramedic shoulder slide. Was quite tricky but managed it in the end.

8th July 2013: Medical Equipment Two different types of medical/surgical scissors were sourced for use on the dropleg panel.

8th July 2013: Paramedic Uniform Sourced Paramedic shirt and trousers from a medical supplies website. Hat was found on eBay. Fortunatly they colour match.

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 23rd August 2013
Looking good

Lulu Rose avatar

Lulu Rose - 24th August 2013
I really enjoyed seeing this! it just looks great and I really do love the little touches. That medic gun!

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 23rd September 2013
This was brilliant! Love the photos <3