Meer campbell
Gundam Seed Destiny

Cosplayer: blackorcid

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd September 2013: update I've hemmed the bottom of the dress and pinned the straps into place and also started work on the arm and leg warmers.
I've decided that since in the reference I can't see her feet I could just wear nice flats and then make leg warmers like she wears on her arms. The arm ones are done i've just gotta attach the velcro to them and finish the leg ones.

1st September 2013: final touches to the dress I've pinned the bottom of the dress now i've made it so the bottom of the dress is slighlty longer at the back. I Wanted it to be long but I didn't want to end up tripping on it and I certainly don't want people to tread on the ends.
I've also sewn the stars onto the purple ribbon that I planned to use to make the straps and pinned them into place.

27th August 2013: sewing the buttons. I've sewn the leg straps onto my dress now and added the stars. To measure the leg straps out I had to try the dress on to make sure I left enough leg room to walk about without it pulling.

25th August 2013: button update I've painted the star buttons gold now and as well as painting enough for the straps i have painted two extra to fit to the leg straps of the dress.
All i gotta do now is sew them on.

22nd August 2013: Star straps. I've recently been working on Meers star straps that she has on the sleeves of her dress.
I couldn't decide whether to make them out of fun foam like I did the Star clip for her hair or to use buttons which I had brought a while back.
After discussing it with a friend and getting some opinions on the matter I decided the buttons would be easyier to use and actually looked more acurate.
I've started by painting them all white as they were orange and white polka dots to start with.
once the white base coat is done i'll paint them Gold.

16th August 2013: the back of the dress Looking at the reference image, i'm using and there is only one. I'm pretty unsure what the back of the dress looks like. I guess this gives me some le way to be creative. I figured rather then making the back all one colour i'd have the side pannels continue around to the back. Its a good thing I did because i was short some purple fabric.
I also had to fit a black zip because it didn't look right in white and I couldn't find a good purple one in the right length.

14th August 2013: working on the dress. I've started working on the rest of the dress now that i've completed the bust area. I've begun working on the waist area and begun adding the gold strip. Once i've sewn the gold part in place I can work on the skirt part of the dress and the back.

7th August 2013: working on the top. I decided that Meers top is alittle too revealing for me to be comfortible with at the moment so I figured with alittle tweaking in the design it would still look good but i'd feel more comfortible with it. I have have no problems showing abit of leg but Meer is a pretty big busted character and i'm ....well i'm not. I've made the bust part of the top slightly different from the image and i'm pretty happy with it so far .

30th July 2013: forming the idea. Whilst cleaning out and organising my Fabric cupboard I noticed I had a MASSIVE amount of Fabric that was sitting unused. I decided that rather then spending money that I didn't really have I would try and use what I had to make my cosplay. After arranging all the Fabric into piles of colours I sat at looked at my planned cosplay list for idea's. Within a short period of time I had come up with not only one cosplay but several. This idea came to me the quickest and even my plan on how to make it exploded into my brain. With in minutes of deciding on it I was already drawing out my plans and not to long after mesuring and cutting my fabric.
I decided to make a different version of meers outfit simply because i don't think i'm confident enough to wear the other one. but one day i'll do it :)

Mothfox avatar

Mothfox - 7th September 2013
looks good so far, keep up the good work :)