Hogwarts Student (Gryffindor student) - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire





You could say that this was my first cosplay. I threw it together in about 2 hours for the Harry Potter book open at Waterstones in Ormskirk. It was at midnight and raining but it was fun, plus we got special bags!!!!!!

I also wore it to Halloween, because my Edward costume had gone down the drain, and it wasn't really that scary *note to self:dress as something scary for halloween* Oh well it was fun to prtend to be a Hogwarts student. Yes it's lame okay but I hope my first proper cosplay will be better.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 February, 2009 - 08:30
Grrrr I want a hogwarts outfit ^^ i wouldnt mind doing a teachers outfit *its practically my normal garb* you look like Her-moi-ninny :) (you always give me such nice comments, thanks for joker nice'ness)

ShadowAlpha posted on 20 June, 2009 - 03:14
Lovely Gryffindor uniform :3 I am a Slytherin! Beware (just teasing) >:] Your hair matched well with the Gryffindor look too ;)