Madoka Magica

Cosplayer: littleshoni

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

30th July 2013: Petticoat! Okay so I've sewn my way through 7 layers of fabric and netting and the petticoat is nearly completed. So proud of myself, its looking really good. Now to just sew however many meters of ruffled ribbon on for trim and I'm done :)

10th July 2013: Arrow prototype Experimented making madoka's arrow using pink plastic, shiny metallic card and shiny pink metallic card. It looks the park but is very floppy. I'm gonna have to find a way to stiffen it.

10th July 2013: bow on the way! I managed to grab some free wicker from my uni workshop today, it was disgusting! It had been soaking in water to soften it for use but had been kept outside for months and the water had gone horrible. I cleaned it, stuck it in the shower with the water running, cleaned it again then ran anti-bacterial wipes over it lool it was worth the effort though because i made the bow structure today. I took 3 pieces of wicker and twisted them round each other, leaving the top end loose. I then fastened it together at the ends with string and made the bow string. Now just to let it dry :)

20th June 2013: lesson 1: use a desk! So the wig is taking alot longer then i thought. For anyone who thinks that they might do this, its a very long and fiddly process lol I finally cleared my desk today after coming to realise that the floor isn't the best place to work and masking taped my polystyrene head to the desk. After adjusting the pillow to the most comfortable position i had to get out of it anyway to work on the lower parts of the wig, which meant kneeling on the floor lol thinking i should probably start looking for fabrics now.

20th June 2013: wig progress Wig from the side with wefts taken off

20th June 2013: Wig time! To save myself a bit of money i'm going to alter a long pink wig that i already have, i've never experimented with wigs before so should be fun!

19th June 2013: Weft removal I've taken off all of the wefts off the back of the wig, they're pointing downwards and I need them to point upwards to form into ponytails. I've left the side burns, the top wefts and fringe on because they don't need to be change and I left the very bottom wefts on because I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with those yet :)