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For a mini Fem! group at kita!~ With Faws as Fem judar and Lakelandmagpie as Fem! Alibaba!~ 3 Will be just a evening costume bur going to be so fun ; 3 ; I'd LOVE to do the male version one day but Fems sound so fun xD

....Any other random Genderbent versions wanna join ;D -wiggles eyebrows-


Jyagaimo posted on 20 June, 2013 - 02:42
...damnit you suit everything so well ;v; it's looking good so far!

Progress Journal

19th June 2013


Made jacket last night!~ :3 Just added a bow to make it more female~ and shortened it!~
I'm not sure how to do the top yetttt~ Might leave it with what i was wearing there, Or make a bandage like top with a single strap?~

For the trousers Im basically making bloomers, And the yellowy tie at the front will turn into a perty Side Bow!~ :> Then going to make some Jewelry that'll match!~ Like a armet and Anklettts~