Kairi - Kingdom Hearts II





Finally more Kingdom Hearts!! :D for AnimagiC 2013!

I had such a great time wearing this! Though making it was so much more work, than I'd ever have thought! I had troubles making the patterns and then I accidentily made it too short and the belt was a PAIN to make :(
BUT even though I'm not a 100 % satisfied I still really like this costume and my group and had a great day with this and hope to wear it again very soon! *_*


Kestral posted on 19 July, 2013 - 09:39
Am loving the dress, looks great =]

Sunny-D posted on 9 August, 2013 - 14:00
Great Kairi! Love it :)

Om_nom_nom posted on 9 August, 2013 - 14:30
oh god - quite possibly one of the most well done kairis i've seen. Great job!