Cersei Lannister at the Battle of the Blackwater (The outifit worn during Season 2, Episode 9 at the Battle of the Blackwater) - HBO's Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin





HarryKurt posted on 16 June, 2013 - 16:20
Looking forward to seeing progress on this, it's my favourite Cersei costume! :)

Progress Journal

16th June 2013

Freaking Wigs and Other Freaking Nuisances

Thus begins the odyssey to re-create one of Michelle Clapton's costumes. I'm a bit concerned about how I will replicate the armour our dear Queen Regent adorns herself with, but leather is looking like the most likely option seeing as I don't have a spare Gendry lying around or access to Casterly Rock's gold mines.
Other than this, finding a good wig is also proving to be a bit of a problem. So far -apart from ordering a Lannister pendant and finding out working with leather is going to be a bit harder than I thought, this has been the only part I've started an endeavour for. Before spending the money and time it'll cost to make this costume, I want to make sure I won't look like the Maid from Tarth when I swap my brunette locks for some blonde ones. I've found a few possibilities but none that are quite as close as to what I want. Being the cheap bugger I am, I'm a little unwilling to spend more than $30 AUD on a wig for a friend's 18th, but I still want one with at least reasonable quality. The idea of wearing a wig of human hair is a little unsettling for me, which means I've only really looked at synthetic and while I've found a few that aren't overly shiny and look like they've been sculpted from plastic, but they're often too curly and won't allow me to alter them.
I've also realised its unlikely I'll find one in the perfect colour giving that Lena's has highlights and lowlights and magical built-in fairy lights for all I know, though I am willing to do a bit of a dye job (or at least get someone else to do it for me).
It also occurred to me that the outfit I've chosen is one of the few in which Cersei isn't wearing her hair down. But, thank Gods, it is only in a plat and not one of those King's Landing crowns of hair, for which I am grateful and will sacrifice a peasant to the God's to show my gratitude. Ignoring of course the fact that I could always change costumes or chose to leave her hair down, but moving on.
So far I've found a few wigs that I'm fairly happy with, and my searches are turning out a lot of results, just none that are spot-on for what I'm looking for. Oh woe is me, life is so hard.
The first is called the 'Venus Blonde Wig' (original.) and is on special at $22.99USD, though given the current market its fairly close to our dollar so yay.
It can be found here- http://www.totallycostumes.com/sbe-10829-venus-blonde-wig.html
As far as synthetic wigs go, its looking pretty gosh darn good though I'm a little worried if those pinned-back parts will be easy to alter seeing as Cersei's braid is just a plain and simple braid. If they can't be moved, the worst damage they'll cause is when it comes to dying and might make for a blotched job, but oh well.
The second one is called the 'Deluxe Sultry Honey Blonde Wig' and is a few dollars cheaper at $19.99USD and also on special. It can be found here- http://www.totallycostumes.com/sn-79123-70-deluxe-sultry-honey-blonde-wi...
Its been the closest I can find in terms of colour, though I've just hoping that synthetic-shine won't be overly obvious in a braid. The texture is pretty good too and I'm guessing I could make it even better if I brush it out a little or leave it near the shower.
The third wig has a really long name with a lot of unnecessary words but it’s a blonde wig. Its $18.58USD and can be found here- http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Factory-Outlet-Price-Synthetic-W... To me it looks very close to how I imagined Cersei hair while reading the books, but unfortunately it doesn't look very much like the wig Lena wears. I also get the feeling it might turn a little more synthetic-looking when its braided but oh well, I'm sure I'll find something wrong with al of them.
Bachelor number four has also has a bunch of unnecessary words to name it, and it is a wee (a lot) bit more expensive than I'd been planning at $78USD, but I can't find any faults with it. It can be found here- http://findwig.com/lace-front-wig-wavy-blond-gold-colored-long-hair.html it also comes in two colours that I can't decide between, the second can be found here- http://findwig.com/synthetic-lace-front-wig-wavy-blond-long-hair-2109766... So far (forget what I said about the first one), this is my favourite wig as it has a lace-front and looks to be a good colour and has a good texture and a good length and I like everything about it, except the price (it is a little bit over $30AUD).
So far so good? I’m hoping once I’ve got all the materials I can start to actually enjoy making the costume because at the moment I’m prepared to turn up at the party in a dressing gown and call myself Varys.
P.S. I've also found a mystery wig that's looking pretty good but unfortunately it seems the seller only does wholesale and I'm not too fond of ending up with 10 blonde wigs arriving at the door. I've messaged them asking if there's a way to only buy one, but I don't think I'll be holding my breath.