Risa Harada (Summer Uniform) - D.N.Angel





I'm afraid this one of the three costumes which I have bought. It was bought before I had the courage to make costumes myself xD

I also bought the socks, shoes and ribbon ... i might buy/make the school bag sometime

EDIT: Might make Risa's longer sleeve uniform as its the one she wears the most in the anime xD

EDTI: A pic of her in the short sleeve version *.* lol ... Still to make the other version though too


letmelive posted on 5 May, 2009 - 12:11
I've never seen D.N Angel but this is soooo cute :)

sherbetsprite posted on 22 May, 2009 - 17:28
Squee!! I wanna do Riku!!

visiting_wizard posted on 25 May, 2009 - 15:46
D.N angel was one of the first anime i watched! nice costume. p.s; thanks for comment on my rimi cosplay. be cool to see someone else cosplaying chaos head since i was the only one at may expo! and only one person knew who the character was because the anime isn't that popular here yet!

No thanks posted on 18 August, 2009 - 13:47
I'd love a Risa and you as my Risa is even better! Well when i start making Dark's wings if you send me a picture of the wings you want i'll have a go at making some for you (i'm starting mine sometime septemberish?) And sure i'll not be starting this for a few months, gotta concentrate on finishing my Yoko Costume xD, and buying wigs, So i wouldnt worry about us waiting for your costume cause we'll be a while on starting ours xD