Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuuden



Just when you though your Narutard days were left behind in the past...they just sneak right back up. It's been 5 years since I've cosplayed from the series this time I'm rolling out the orange carpet for Uzumaki-ness.

Since I've kept only with the manga I know theres loads of versions to him, this was something thrown in to the Ayacon Fire for a party or evening costume possibly. Which costume it's still in the air & I have only twos atm to decide.

I hated his Pre-skip version but 'sage' or default shippuuden version could be one of the possibilities.

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22nd July 2013


Completeo just need to take the trousers up a little and tame the beast of wig and everything will be 100%

15th June 2013

Naruto Wig Arrival.

This thing might need a good chopping in to since the layers seem to long on top & the back and sides but other wise I'm happy.

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