King Kazma
Summer Wars

Cosplayer: ST212

Variant: OZ Avatar - Gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th October 2013: Wig & Ears I had some spare time last night so I thought I'll get this last bit of my cosplay out the way.

My original intention was to have a wire frame attached to an Alice band that would sit on top of the wig and blended in with the hair. This also meant the wire frame on the band wouldn't be digging into my head too. But after trying this approach I found the wig too slippery to grip the band and the ears were too heavy as they were stuffed.

In the end I opted for having the Alice band under the wig with the wire frame poking out. I took all the stuffing out of the ears to reduce the weight which did the job and pinned the back of the ears to the wig to prevent them flopping around.

To prevent the band digging into my head I added foam and then wrapped in sticky backed felt just for some comfort and to allow a bit of grip to my head.

This seems to of worked.

Really can't wait for MCM now!

15th October 2013: Update time! I ordered a white baselayer off the web as I wasn't happy with the long sleeve shirt as it was too baggy! The pictures were fine on the web but the item I received had very large blue seams that I can't hide sadly and ruined the look for me!

So in my lunch break I walked around the local shopping centre and went back into the sport shop I originally tried before (no luck the first time) and this time had a plain white baselayer hidden in the corner. This is a much better fit and completes the look I was after.

Unfortunately this means after some serious thought that I wont be doing the fur shirt as I've kind of run out of time and I think the fur might of been to much! Also I'm afraid that I might over heat myself in it too!

Styled wig received now so I just need to fix the ears to it :)

10th October 2013: King Kazma Look Last night was the first time I put on my cosplay excluding the wig, goggles and any kind of face paint just to see if it worked. The tail is on though you cant see it!

I've attached a photo of what it looks like at the moment. With time and money running out I feel that I may have to skip not doing the fur shirt :( but swap the long sleeve shirt for a tighter base layer. The shirt for me kind of lets it down at the moment.

Alternatively I could cheat and do fur patches on the front and sleeves only?

Be interested in peoples thoughts on this.

9th October 2013: Belt Complete Just to keep this journal up to date, I've added the finished belt engraving detail including the red outline and OZ logo. The only thing missing is the blue jewel detailing around the belt - If I have time before MCM I will try and do this.

I'm going to try everything together tonight excluding wig and ears and see if its really necessary for me to make the faux fur shirt.

My wig has now been styled and completed by 'Koiice' (highly recommended). Looks brilliant and can't wait to receive it in the post.

Lastly, I've now bought our weekend passes for MCM now. Can't wait!

7th October 2013: Belt Engraving Complete After a busy weekend being out I was able to spare a few hours to make the belt engraving for my cosplay! To make the belt engraving stand out I coloured the corners of each layer in red (also can be seen in the film around each avatar).

To give you a idea what its going to look like I've added a photo of the belt when I was marking up where all the sections were going (no red outline and missing OZ logo).

The belt is currently being glued to the main belt which takes over 24 hours to set. Once this process is complete, I will add a photo of the finish product.

Now time to start measuring up for the faux fur shirt/ vest thing.

4th October 2013: Time is running out! With being away on holiday last week and being occupied with other events my attention has been elsewhere for this cosplay sadly.

As I have some free time this weekend, I'm aiming to complete the belt detail. Really hope this can be achieved as I want to make my the furry shirt (though I feel time is not on my side!). I feel this would complete the look I'm after for this cosplay.

Watch this space!

12th September 2013: Belt Started Unfortunately due to a very hectic weekend and unplanned events I didn't get round to finishing off the gloves wrist strap and start the belt as intended.

Anyway with a new week starting I've been able to draw up the template that I will use for the engraving detail of the centre piece of the belt. Vinyl wrap a old belt I had that will form the base for the engraving to stick too and do the finishing touches to the gloves (pics soon).

6th September 2013: Fur Vs Cotton Shirt So after being under the weather for the past few days I've started to make little progress again on my cosplay.

I've now received the foam, shaped it, painted and ready to add to the gloves now (add photo soon).

Also started to make the template for the belt though I'm debating what to make centre part base out of. I've thought of either hard card, MDF or foam board.

As I had some spare white fur laying around the house, I took a couple of pictures with the red jacket as shown. One with fur (left) and other with the white long sleeve t shirt (right) Sorry for the picture quality - since looking at this I'm leaning towards the fur that will tie the tail and ears together nicely!

Again any thoughts for both be appreciated :)

30th August 2013: Shoes Complete After making about 3 sets of shoe tongues in different styles I settled for the simple square-ish edged style as it suited the shoes and gave a larger area to place the logo on without looking to fussy.

The logo's took a little while longer as I originally made them in a very light blue which didn't really suit the shoes so I had to wait around for the darker blue material to be delivered. The only thing missing from the shoes is the text 'Kazuma' as it look too small and I couldn't cut it smooth enough with my craft knife (material kept catching). I may try again at the text if I've got time.

27th August 2013: Gloves Complete - Kind of! Over the long weekend I had some spare time to focus on completing the gloves which as you can see in the picture I did.

The only thing missing is the over-sized wrist fastener which I was originally going to make with foam and leatherette but after a small scale mock up (I know, yet another mock up!) it came to light that the leatherette badly creased causing the foam to deform looking rubbish.

So I'm now looking into using closed cell foam sprayed in a light grey / white primer fixed with Velcro or glued.

23rd August 2013: Gloves Started Now that I have all the materials I need for the gloves, I've now made a start. I did experiment with solid foams, card, foam-board but all didn't give the right look I wanted to achieve.

Back to the drawing board I came up with the idea of making red leatherette pillows filled with 1/2'' foam hence the templates and mock up in the attached picture.

My girlfriend thinks I'm a geek for doing all these templates for my build but I feel there paying off especially when it comes to making 2 or more of the same items.

I made one of the pillows last night and it came up really well, especially the exposed corners not standing out so I will continue with this principle.

Hope to complete this over the long weekend.

19th August 2013: Goggles Complete So after my failed attempt of making the goggles for my cosplay out of vinyl wrap and cardboard, I ended up going back to the drawing board.

So after messing around with numerous materials and setups over the weekend I finally achieved the look I wanted for King Kazma goggles (seen in the attached photo).

To me these seem to be a fairly good representation of the goggles seen in the film. Ignore the 'Alice' band - I was using it to prop the goggles up while the glue set.

15th August 2013: Faux Fur Shirt Progress has been moving slowly with this cosplay but I'm getting there *wooo*. It probably doesn't help that I keep changing my mind every ten minutes on how to build each element.

I'm currently debating with myself to whether or not make a long sleeve t-shirt out of faux white fur to tie the ears and tail together or layer a existing shirt with faux fur. Alternatively as I'm not wearing a mask I just keep with my original plan of wearing a long sleeve t-shirt. Hmmmmmm.

I would love to get some opinions or ideas from anyone on this as I just can't make up my mind at the moment.

Hope to have the shoes & goggles completed over the weekend, watch this space.

12th August 2013: Goggle Trial & Error Over the weekend I had a hour spare so I decided to make a template and construct a basic goggle mock-up to see if the shape and size would work with my cosplay. The mock-up was made of cardboard and grey vinyl wrap I had laying around the house.

I original intended to make the goggles with the above materials but after making it I wasn't happy with the finish and struggled getting the corners smooth with the vinyl so I've now opted to make it out of thick rubber (now ordered) backed with a neoprene foam for better comfort.

All part of the learning process I guess :)

5th August 2013: * WARNING - GEEK MOMENT* Not going to lie but Summer Wars has to be one of my favourite anime's of all time so being my geeky self couldn't resist buying the 'Summer Wars Material Book' to add to my collection.

Very good read and seeing the art concepts behind the film is fascinating (to me anyway).

29th July 2013: Ears Complete With the tail complete it kind of spurred me on to get the ears sorted. After a few hours of tweaking my template and numerous mock ups Friday night I finally decided on the size (length and width) of my ears.

After seeing the amazing cosplays on show at Hyper Japan, this gave me the extra boost to get the ears and the other elements done.

Sunday morning I ended up hand sewing the ears including the brown tips, made a wire frame and stuffed to what you see in the attached picture (picture doesn't do them justice). I'm going to wait till I receive my commissioned wig before I attach the ears to the Alice Band.

Being quite tall I didn't want the ears too big to the point they caused me issues nor too small to the point that it wouldn't look right especially with the tail. So with the re-design I feel I got the balance just right.

26th July 2013: Tail Complete So after a evening of messing around with some long pile fur I bought, I've now finally completed the tail including a incognito fur belt loop.

Considering this is my first time working with fur I think I've pulled it off. It has a slight shape to the tail instead of just being a ball of fluff. I am tempted to style it but for now it will do.

Now onto the ears but do I make them over the top in size or how I originally planned them? this space!

12th July 2013: Templates & Wig I would of liked to start building this cosplay some time ago but unfortunately the garden redesign and other stuff have really eaten up my evenings as well as working during the day :(

The good news is that the garden is now complete and my evenings are freeing up so I've started to make signs of progress. I've had the main majority of the parts to make up the cosplay delivered including materials.

I've also produced (with my designing software) the ears and tail template (see pic) which in the next couple of week will be put to use. Hopefully!

On top of that, after being so scarred to cut and style the wig for my Kraft Lawrence cosplay I've commissioned 'Koiice' from here to create the wig. After seeing her examples I was sold.

I can't express how much I've been looking forward to start this cosplay.

25th June 2013: The Plan So I've started to make loads of notes, print reference and research fabrics (with the help of Rhia, thank you).

I've decided that I'm going to see if I can get away not wearing an mask/head and as I've got very sensitive eyes will avoid going down the contacts route and try some kind of red eye liner (never thought I'ld say those words) to give my eyes a little definition against the white wig.

Fingers crossed that all this planning will pay off in the long run.

14th June 2013: And it starts...... So after my girlfriend and I had such a awesome day cosplaying for the first time at MCM Expo in May we decided that we want to do the full weekend now.

So originally we were going to cosplay from Sweeney Todd but after numerous chats we decided against it and wanted to do something more fun.

So after watching random anime films for a week we both decided that we will attempt to cosplay as a couple of avatars from 'Summer Wars'.

There are loads of modifications to clothing and accessories to make for King Kazuma which I love doing and should keep me out of trouble for a while.

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 18th June 2013
Ooooh! This is cool! Can't wait to see it in October :D

Moonlight_Requiem avatar

Moonlight_Requiem - 11th July 2013
This will be amazing to see! I hope I can run into you in October and see it in person ^_^

V_Ortenzi avatar

V_Ortenzi - 12th July 2013
I'm considering some King Kazuma cosplay myself with my brother as Love Machine at MCM Oct. I'll be watching eagerly to see how you progress! :) Best of luck with this.

magsul avatar

magsul - 26th July 2013
Best of luck, hope it turns out well!

ST212 avatar

ST212 - 30th July 2013
Thank you all for the kind comments, now my time has freed up in the evenings I can start making progress with this cosplay. Watch this space :)

V_Ortenzi avatar

V_Ortenzi - 15th August 2013
For that upper body section, I'd say get a light long sleeved top and sew on a layer of very short cut faux fur. That's what I had in mind when I was planning my KK cosplay. Not that I've actually started mine, so it might be better to test it first...

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 27th August 2013
The accessories look so 'clean' and neat! Looking forward to seeing at Expo [:

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 9th October 2013
Progress looks awesome!

madmazda86 avatar

madmazda86 - 22nd October 2013
Looking nice and tidy - good job. Love the paint job on the shoes :D

HowlingSilverWolf avatar

HowlingSilverWolf - 16th November 2013
Best King Kazma EVER!!!!

ST212 avatar

ST212 - 20th November 2013
Thank you all for the kind words.

We were both so surprised by the number of people who recognised our cosplay characters over the October weekend.