Sharrkan - Magi


AyaCon 2013


BladeyCakes posted on 28 June, 2013 - 22:33
I cannot wait to see this. Like you have no idea <3 Sharrkan ;A;

InfiniteJester posted on 19 July, 2013 - 14:39
Can't wait to see this!

soph24 posted on 23 August, 2013 - 17:59
So mad I didn't get a pic with you >.<

ZOMBIEfurby posted on 24 August, 2013 - 21:54
Aww bless you >3< You were so amazing though *^*

BladeyCakes posted on 25 August, 2013 - 00:29
sdfjgkhjwrty <3 I think you know how much I loved this cosplay based on the fact that I both told you to get out whenever I saw you, and stroked your face xD

ZOMBIEfurby posted on 26 August, 2013 - 19:58
Ahahaha thank you -strokes face- <3

Under top
Waist sash
Gold chain
Base shoes
White Fabric

Total cost: £0.00

8th August 2013


The fabric arrived this morning so; The base is all done, and since I needed to double it up, its all lined and neat which is deffo needed for the way he wears this thing, plus i much prefer to get stuff lined Just gonna add the ribbon and black details now, so this should be finished tonight

5th August 2013


might make them a bit less poofy but yes progress on actual cloths -fistpumps-

31st July 2013

wig & basic makeupshit

need to do proper makeup on the day but yoho

19th July 2013

Base shoes

Gotta wear these in and attach more details so the straps go round my legs but yeah Top and shorts are well on their way too

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