Saeko (Costume change) - Highschool of the Dead


I began watching H.O.T.D and instantly took to Saeko

she seems so cool calm and collected....until the zombies come in, then she becomes more of a psycho ;)

the hardest part for me about this cosplay was the wig. i've used wigs before and i'm not a great fan. the trouble with this wig was the length, despite the use of hairspray etc it was hard to keep the right strands in the right place. also when the wig arrived the 'fringe' convered my face completley :S had to cut it and got a bit scissor happy so it didn't turn out right.

also the green material i bought for the shirt turned out to be too heavy so had to buy more

but the problems kept on coming; in the end i was unable to do the main green strip down the front of the shirt due to button poistioning....overall i wasn't best pleased with how the cosplay came out. the best part was the skirt, easy comfy, and stayed where it was supposed to.

i think this cosplay got a 5/10 for me, though i got some very lovely comments :)

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