Mad Moxxi - Borderlands 2


A friend of mine messaged me about this character thinking I would be able to cosplay her really well.

I LOVED her! I love her attitude, her design, and most of all her outfit, how could i not?

so the research began. who was she? how did she act? what was her history?

Once I had a good grasp of the character I began to plan the cosplay. I preffered her red outfit from the start as it was the one I was introduced to

the hardest parts was the main outfit; the coat. it's set to one side rather than being split down the middle. I tried desperatley to find a base coat but nothing fit. I was on a tight budget so when I found a red coat roughly the right colour and length for £6 I went for it.

My brother then helped me work out how best to cut the coat to try and make it work. once that was done it was between me and my mum. several shopping trips later we began the stiching, colouring, painting and general design.

In the end the easiest bit was the hat, we bought a black one that was a similair style to Moxxi's then used leftover material from the coat to make it fit.

the hair wasn't easy either, no wigs this time round, just a lot of hairspray, some very hot straightners, and some awkward angles in the mirror. it wasn't perfect but got it to a level I was pleased with

The makeup was also hard, this wasn't due to difficulty but the actual paint. I went with a cream base paint in the end, but in several tests it wouldn't dry. in the end i took talcon poweder and lightly dusted it over the white paint. it helped it to set and in all fairness to it, lasted the majority of the day.

I LOVED the outfit. it's not 100% accurate, but for over all effect i was very pleased. I had so much fun in her outfit that I'm determined to use it again. though I might make some alterations to make it even more realistic (the blue shorts will be replaced with something more suitable for next time)

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