Heat Dopant - Kamen Rider W / Double


AyaCon 2013




Been in love with KR monster costumes for a while - but this is the only one of my top 3 I thought I could realistically pull off with my current skill level.

The last 'big' costume I'll be doing before I take a break from cons and start travelling. The original plan was to make it using plastics and clay and all the proper stuff...then I looked at the budget and decided to try and cheap cheat my way to success.

Sadly, about a week before the con I took one look at this costume and realised I'd done every single thing wrong. And probably in the most expensive way. On the plus side, at least I now know for harder costumes.

Started out as a cardboard base, solidified with a few layers of paper mache (in hindsight, should have used modroc), then bulked with homemade paper mache clay (which did NOT work out as well as I would have liked at all). Finally it was coated in a layer of body filler...which resulted in me going to the optician with a scratch on my eye when I forgot a few key health and safety warnings.
The mask was a basic craft one (though I had to search for one with suitable lips), and the eyes were made from tinted window film - allowing me to see out). Painted with spray acrylics, and finished with foam 'hair' at the back, and 4 velvet 'tentacles'.

Cheated a little and bought velvet leggings, which I attached to a gold pvc top, which in turn was attached to the upper velvet. Should have made the gold pvc a much larger area, as my mathematics were way off.

Foam base with several layers of paper mache to strengthen. The 'breasts' are polystyrene egg shapes, while extra decoration is foam. Decorations on the shoulder guards are sculpy. Used leather for the sides, but in hindsight should have used a leather base and fixed foam to that, as it completely fell apart at the con, and had to duct tape myself into it.

Upholstry foam with either craft foam or pvc covering. The insides were lined with duct tape. Dislike the fully red one and need to fix it.

The ONLY part of the costume that more or less worked the way I wanted it to. Used a pair of ruined ankle boots as the base, superglued a foam spike on each, then glued leatherette to give the length. Once painted with an acrylic/glue mix, I added the armour, which was just craft foam decorated with more craft foam spikes and hot glue. Were pretty difficult to get on (made even more difficult by the fact that I couldn't move properly once the leggings were on) but looked almost perfect.


Namine posted on 13 June, 2013 - 19:28
can't wait to see this at Aya :)

Progress Journal

20th July 2013

Helmet Progress 2

Didn't like the original helmet, so started from scratch and used thinner cardboard and no foam. End result was a much smaller and better shaped base. Superglued the mask on to get an idea of where and what the front needed to be, and made my own paper mache pulp to fill out the lumps in the helmet. Test batch took 3 DAYS to dry, so expecting this to take most of the week. Least it gives me time to work on the armour.

7th July 2013

Helmet Progress

Back armour has been mached and currently drying - will find out if its been a success and can continue with the front tomorrow.

The middle corset is done. Need to add the zip and attach it to the sides. Top half also needs zipping, and have since discovered I bought different coloured velvet from the sleeves. Decided to ignore it and continue on.

Original plan for the helmet involving rock plaster fell through, so am using a butchered Power Rangers instructables page and made something from cardboard and foam. Will paper mache tomorrow - hoping it'll look right.

22nd June 2013

Pattern failure

Back armour is starting to take shape - just waiting for additional foam so I can do the front and the helmet.

On Friday I finally started work on the jodphur-like trousers. Made a cheap pattern copy out of spare fabric and it worked well, so applied it to my faux leather. Unfortunately something clearly went wrong mid-design, because they're far too big for me and will need to be re-sized somehow. Plan to do that along with the gold chest area tomorrow.