Heat Dopant
Kamen Rider W / Double

Cosplayer: Luki

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

21st July 2013: Helmet Progress 2 Didn't like the original helmet, so started from scratch and used thinner cardboard and no foam. End result was a much smaller and better shaped base. Superglued the mask on to get an idea of where and what the front needed to be, and made my own paper mache pulp to fill out the lumps in the helmet. Test batch took 3 DAYS to dry, so expecting this to take most of the week. Least it gives me time to work on the armour.

7th July 2013: Helmet Progress Back armour has been mached and currently drying - will find out if its been a success and can continue with the front tomorrow.

The middle corset is done. Need to add the zip and attach it to the sides. Top half also needs zipping, and have since discovered I bought different coloured velvet from the sleeves. Decided to ignore it and continue on.

Original plan for the helmet involving rock plaster fell through, so am using a butchered Power Rangers instructables page and made something from cardboard and foam. Will paper mache tomorrow - hoping it'll look right.

22nd June 2013: Pattern failure Back armour is starting to take shape - just waiting for additional foam so I can do the front and the helmet.

On Friday I finally started work on the jodphur-like trousers. Made a cheap pattern copy out of spare fabric and it worked well, so applied it to my faux leather. Unfortunately something clearly went wrong mid-design, because they're far too big for me and will need to be re-sized somehow. Plan to do that along with the gold chest area tomorrow.

Namine avatar

Namine - 13th June 2013
can't wait to see this at Aya :)