Dave Strider - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures

In Progress




SHIRT- (Is trying to find a blank baseball style shirt, otherwise I'd have to use a short sleeved blank white shirt somehow or order it online)

PANTS- (I've probably got some plain black jeans laying around somewhere)

SHOES- (Good news is that I've got the same style shoes! Bad news is that they're black...)

SHADES- Got them! Black aviators have been the most expensive part of this costume yet

WIG- Ordered the wig and got it! It's not fitting too well right now, but when my nice wig caps come in, I should be able to fix that! Other than that, for being around 9 bucks the wig is really nice!

CONTACTS- (May or may not get red contacts for this, I actually have no idea where to get contacts from...and I'm kinda terrified of sticking something on my eyeball. So, I may not end up getting contacts for this.)


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