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1st March 2015


with the collar now fixed the sleeves now sewn, and the hem of the coat sealed all that is left to do is press it to set all hems. but I am happy to say that it is done :)

22nd February 2015


So nearing the finish line but I've come across a problem around the collar when I turn it right side out in that the collar and the top of the coat keep being pulled and won't stay in place

6th February 2015

quick progress

Now with the outside of the collar and sleeves pind to the coat. After having problems with sleeves in the past, I am pleased that theses are the right length first time

5th February 2015

coat progress

So I've now got the front and back sewn together. I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the length of the coat a little part of me was worried that it was going to be too long. And now onto the next part

30th January 2015

coat and update

So I'm finally getting to work on the coat. As of Wednesday I have all the fabric that I need and I'm now pinning the pattern for the coat to the first lot of fabric. Also a quick update about the waist coat, after finishing it I've made a couple of tweaks to it in that the front darts were removed and I've moved one of the buttons so that it wouldn't be too tight.

13th August 2014

waistcoat update

So waistcoat is almost done it's finally all been sewn together just got to add the buttons and button holes and it will be done then all that's left to do is the coat. I am also thinking about adding a prop clock face to this as something extra.

19th July 2014

waistcoat progress

Sorry about the lack of activity lately been at work most days, and other days when I have been able to look for fabric I wasn't able to find the colour that I wanted or the shop I was aiming for was closed. But now I have the fabric and lining fabric that I need to get started on the waistcoat, just got to make some adjustments to the pattern that I want to use as the neckline is too low for what I want.

15th May 2014

bow progress

Well yesterday I got stated on the bow, and I think that it's turned out pretty good. Just got to sew the band to go around my neck and then sew on a hook and eye. With the shirt it's all hemmed just got to do the button holes and the button. There is a chance that I might end doing the button hols by hand as the sewing machine that I'm using has decided not to like me at the moment.

12th May 2014

getting there (slowly)

So the shirt slowly gettin to the point of done just got to hem the sleeves and the lower edge, then the buttons and button holes. And of course I need to think of the best way to make the bow tie.

11th April 2014


Wig styled - check Hat finished - check Out of these 2 the hat took the longest to do. And a note to my future self next you want to make a mini top hat think of better to cut the plastic for the base. But it was fun to make the hat, despise the fact that it might have awoken and old injury in one of my wrists.

12th March 2014

slow progress

yeah . . . I've been kind of inactive lately but that is due to the fact I have been focusing on uni stuff, but when ever I get the chance I do what I can. Not last weekend but the weekend before that I went home for a family weekend and I made sure that I took back what I needed in oreder to try the wig on and I was able to a little bit of work on the hat after the picture was taken. When I got after the family weekend I brought back a sample of the fabric that I've used for the hat and this weekend just gone bought the ribbon for the hat and some thread for when I get to move onto the coat. Speaking of the coat that along with the waist coat I've been trying to find patterns for them, the waist coat I've found a couple of possibles but the coat no luck so far. And lastley my very first attempt at the eyebrows, in all honesty after I had finished drawing them on I couldn't stop giggling

4th January 2014

early stages

I've bought the wig during coscrafts sale and I've gotten a start on the hat over christmas. For the hat I wanted to have something sturdy, not easy to brake or bend. Which lead to me using plastic. I ended up using some old ribbion reals that would've most likely thrown away. It took some time to cut through the plastic, but I finly did a couple of days ago. Just need to file down the edges before the fabric can go on and sewn to the rest of the hat and then I just need to find the right colour of ribbon, but that will be oustide of term time when I next go home.

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