georgiana devonshire - the duchess


A printed cotton 1780's polonaise gown. Made this from a pattern in Janet arnolds patterns of fashion 1660-1860. Although its not the exact dress in the film, it is very similar and taken from an extant gown in the snowshill collection. To go with it I also needed new undergarments including stays, petticoats and a pocket for all my little bits and pieces, as well as a bumpad and what I call a skirt flutter, let's put it this way, the skirts stand out in a bell shape really nicely. I also bought an old mother of the bride wide brimmed hat and cut the crown down to form a bergere hat which I covered in silk taffeta and lilac pinked trim, and put pale pink ribbons on the underside which will tie behind my head to hold the hat on. I also had to create a custom pattern for a muslin cap which means I can either style my hair in the typical 18th century pouf or scrape it back into a bun and put the cap and hat over it. The final bits are an embroidered net apron which is still in progress but not essential to the costume, and a matching net neckerchief which helps cover the low neckline and has a red ribbon and cameo brooch holding it shut. The bodice is pinned shut with the pins going into the stays.

Sephirayne posted on 8 June, 2013 - 22:44
The progress looks great.

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