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AyaCon 2013


***Selling for £40 + p&p contact me here or "Gemma Titchmarsh" on Facebook ^^

Wearing at Ayacon 2013 and hopefully with a Kou Empire group ^^

Yay I can add Kouen again~~ Super looking forward to be cosplaying him! Major handsomu bastard uhuuu
Buying the outfit from taobao because like hell can I makes this myself haha, will make some changes to it and maybe make the armour plates for him.

InfiniteJester posted on 6 June, 2013 - 22:57
Would love to see this!

WhiteWraith posted on 20 August, 2013 - 20:27
You looked so amazing as him at aya!

NatalieNoodles posted on 27 August, 2013 - 10:51
You look so manry and handsome *-*

Emzone posted on 28 March, 2014 - 20:55
Such a cute group! Loving the facial hair

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