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AyaCon 2013




BlueberryTale posted on 13 August, 2013 - 23:18
You did a great job on this! Looking forward to seeing this at Aya :D

Shinigami_ky posted on 14 August, 2013 - 22:11
Aw thanks! Can't wait to catch you as well :D

KiraraYumi posted on 22 March, 2014 - 16:16
This design is far too cute ;o; The dress looks amazing!

Shinigami_ky posted on 25 March, 2014 - 17:44
Ah thankyou! I wish I had some pictures of me actually wearing it, but I haven't tracked any down yet!

Progress Journal

5th August 2013

Crossing the finish line.

So the other day I managed to get the dress cut and almost entirely sewn together, and this morning I put on the zip and collar and got it all hemmed, added the ruffles and pockets to the apron (and more hemming), and made the hat.
The hat turned out a little larger than I originally intended, and I'm still not sure I'm pleased with it, but I still have plenty of fabric left if I wanted to alter it at all - that can wait until my other costumes are finished.

Ribbon is bought so all that's left to do is get a pair of black tights and Ayacon, England is ready for you!

25th June 2013


So a while back I made a white pinafore to use in a burlesque act, and having had a good look at it today I've realised it's perfect for England, just needs a few small modifications, hurrah! That'll save me some time and money.

I bought a few meters of the same fabric for my Pit costume, as well as having a few spare scraps from the initial lot, so I have plenty to use to add to it.

Just need to add the shoulder frills, scallop the bottom edge and add pockets.

Got my eye on a couple of wigs, just need to decide how long and the exact shade I want the hair to be, and then I can get them ordered and we're on our way!