Empoleon (Gijinka) - Pokemon




I recently was given a full roll of blue cotton velvet and have been trying to think of something that I could use it for. It's a bitch to work with (my mum greatly enjoyed hoovering up after us last year) but hell, the stuff was free and looks great.
I don't really like the look of a lot of the pokemon gijinka as a lot of them are fairly plain normal clothes but I couldn't resist this!


Freyarule posted on 19 July, 2009 - 18:33
Aww I hope to see pictures of this! (won't be at Fuyu-con)

perfectly_purple posted on 15 September, 2009 - 15:48
Ah! Stop. This makes me want to go to the Ball even though I really can't! Looking forward to photos of this! Empoleon is amazing!

SephNoir posted on 20 November, 2009 - 19:32
Aww you're not going? :( I'll make sure I take lots of photos for you!

perfectly_purple posted on 20 November, 2009 - 20:01
No :( I've already made plans for that weekend. Empoleon is one of my faves ^_^ Yay for pictures!

KhaosKreator posted on 23 November, 2009 - 17:57
Cotton velvet is the best! I made maggie Pie's corset with it. -Tab

Progress Journal

20th November 2009

Almost done!

I'm impressed at how quickly I've done this! Started last weekend finally and got everything cut out, so far it's been 3 days work and I've just got to sew the lining into the jacket and cape then attach the trim. Just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it! (Though having the overlocker is always useful too!)

This is the first time I've had a go at making a full suit jacket and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out! Again I didn't bother with a pattern so it's taken less time and still fits fantastically. The fabric has been great to work with, I absolutely adore cotton velvet!

Still not sure what we're going to do with the trident mask. It'll either be a small tie clasp or a crown of some kind.