Nepeta Leijon - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.

In Progress




Wig- None yet (deciding if I want a wig or not)

Shirt- None yet (improvising until I can buy the shirt with her symbol, the leo symbol, or at least finding a black shirt and painting it on...seriously how has it been this hard for me to find a blank black shirt)

Pants- Using gray leggings until I can find gray jeans

Tail- Simple sewing of two thin pieces of fabric together, pins onto pants (considering stuffing the current tail, or remaking the tail to be larger and fluffy)

Jacket- Large green trench coat that comes down to about my ankles

Shoes- None yet (I have been wearing my skate shoes until I learn how to make paw shoes, also considering just painting shoes blue rather than making paw shaped shoes)

Horns- Painted lightweight clay, glued to headband (a friend had to help me with the horns because I had made 2 clay pairs before these and was not happy, so my friend made me some that I like much better)

Claws&Gloves- Sewed slip on blue armwarmers, and made origami claws to fit fingers into

Gray Body Paint- None yet

Fangs- None yet (and I won't be able to use any until I get my braces off)

Hat- Waiting to get help or watch a video tutorial on how to sew the cat hat


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