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This was a bit of a rush job, btu let me explain. many moons ago, i managed to buy from a cosplayer called "LolaInProgress" a Sheryl Nome Obelisk cape. i was toying with the idea of a Sheryl cosplay, and this just happened to show up in my FB feed at a good price.

However, i wanted to do the Blue military dress she wore in the series, so this was pretty much a backburner project.

one of the 'cosplay bucket list' entries of mine is 'Perform a Karaoke song, cosplaying the person who sung it' so i prepared to sing a Sheryl nome song, at Minami 2014, cosplaying blue military dress sheryl nome.

Then the person making the cosplay fell ill. fortunatly, Obelisk was almost ready, so decided to wear her to Minami instead.

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5th June 2013

Lovely Jubblies

So, I need large boobs and cleavage for this cosplay. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.543750415645204.121349.383109555042625&type=3 Here is a Kigurumi cosplayer with a handy technique. by using a loop of fishing line around the outside of their bodysuit, it can replicate the cleavage look. I got a reel of fishing line, but discovered that it wasn't a clear colour. still, could at least test the concept.

5th June 2013

How it started.

I wasn't thinking of cosplaying this version of Sheryl at first, the lack of clothing needed to hide the various bodyshaping underwear i normally use for crossplay, not to mention prominant cleavage. However, following a Kigurumi cosplayer on facebook revealed a technique on how to recreate cleavage lines using a bodysuit and fishing line. Ok, so that's cleavage and body covering. so what prompted me to go ahead and cosplay Obelisk. https://www.facebook.com/LolaInProgressCosplay http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/LolaInProgress is a wonderful cosplayer from the US who is currently located here in the UK. and while looking at her page one day, saw a for sale ad for... her Obelisk cloak. and that was the catalyst for this cosplay

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