Demon Diary

Cosplayer: Kuchiito

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

London MCM Comic Con 2013 - Sunday Masquerade (Parade) - Judges' Choice Award (Best Progression)

12th October 2013: Progress Entry #4 The boots are just about done, just a couple of tiny adjustments ^_^. I wish I'd had a little more time, but nevertheless I'm happy with how they turned out :)

21st September 2013: Progress Entry #3 Getting there ^_^ The boots are nearly complete, just the upper armour on the right boot to finish, as well as a couple of touch ups and small adjustments. The capelet is complete; the arm and leg sleeves are just about complete too :)

I decided to not use the dyed wool, instead I chose a slightly darker wool fabric. The reason behind this was, when putting each colour up against the tunic and armour, the lighter colour, even though more accurate to the character, clashed, whereas the darker colour worked better :)

Hopefully, the vast majority of the costume will be done by the end of the month ^_^

31st July 2013: Progress Entry #2 Since the last progress entry, I've managed to find a way of getting the colour as accurate as I can on the wool, which is great ^_^ This will be done after the armour is completed. I've also managed to cut and paint all of the leather belting, as well as paint the belt buckles :)

For the armour, I've just about finished a vambrace (left), but I would say it's still a little work in progress :)

27th June 2013: Progress Entry #1 So far, the costume is going well ^_^ The tunic and fabric part of the boot covers are pretty much done, just a couple of adjustments to make; colour testing on the belts and buckles has gone well too :) The only issue I have at the moment is trying to dye the wool fabric the right colour, but it seems to be getting there, albeit a little slowly :)

6th June 2013: Here we go again ^_^ For my second costume, I had new ideas each day on what I wanted to do ^_^ Originally, I was planning on cosplaying Rokusho from Medabots, but after research and a bit of testing, found that I wouldn't yet be able to do it, but sometime in the future. Then I looked round and saw the Demon Diary series on my bookshelf ^_^. I had a couple of ideas in mind for cosplays other than Rokusho when I was researching, but never thought of cosplaying Erutis. I'm happy I did :)

At the moment, I'm looking at fabrics and buying swatches, as well as purchasing the fabric for the tunic. Looking forward to that arriving so I can get started :)

This is only my second attempt at making a costume, so if anybody has any tips or tricks, they would be kindly appreciated :)

Coulvre avatar

Coulvre - 13th August 2013
awesome! I love Demon Diary but never really see people cosplay from it. Good luck. :)

Kuchiito avatar

Kuchiito - 14th August 2013
Thanks Coulvre :) Good luck with your upcoming cosplays too :)

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 1st November 2013
Particularly loved the armour detailing on this! Your stage performance was full of confidence as well, I'm really excited to see what you make in the future.

Kuchiito avatar

Kuchiito - 2nd November 2013
Thank you Odangochan ^_^

Mad Hamster avatar

Mad Hamster - 4th November 2013
I loved your cosplay, and the detail in the armour was awesome :), well done on the judges award ^^, well deserved

Candystriped avatar

Candystriped - 19th August 2014
Oh wow! I'd never expected to see a Demon Diary cosplay, let alone one done so well! You make a lovely Erutis!