Commander Shepard (N7) - Mass Effect 2





FEMSHEP!! Honestly, I didnt play the Mass Effect series as femshep as I just love the standart male shep and to me THATs SHEPARD but... well

I finished this base version for DOkomi 14 and wore it then in Düsseldorf.

not finihsed yet... as I will get more EVA foam and make more weapons etc... also... I didnt take my visor with me :/
But we will take photos with it next time! ♥
photos are taken by my boyfriend (Samwhitewolf) and edited by myself ^.^


Mothfox posted on 10 June, 2014 - 12:25
Just badass and awesome, plus everybody loves a anti hero!

Ragepotato posted on 11 June, 2014 - 22:36
Awesome stuff, your scars were done to perfection :)

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Progress Journal

5th May 2014


today.... I did the back... well not completly yet but... more than i had before yay

23rd February 2014


done..for first... i just hope that in the end, everything will fit together~

22nd February 2014

Gauntlets and biceps

glued together the gauntlets and dremeled :D
(sorry the gloves are missing on the pics

22nd February 2014


finally Continued
until now... i finished the visor base!
started this morning and finished the base this noon...
I used the big EVA part which was originally going to be a thigh one... but it wasnt accurate so I used it for the visor... I used two pieces and glued them together... so I got the thickness and the effect u see on the side of it (depth) with a dremel (which I now used for the first time!!) I carved out a circle and a square(going to be N7) of the first layer to later fill it with the smoother side of the EVA foam... carved in some details and glued on some craftfoam... done! Its just missing the actual VISOR (transparent plastic) and a hair circlet/band so I can wear it...but this will be done at the end of the costume (when I got a wig)

I want to add LEDs but I am no expert with that so it will be the last thing before painting...
Also dremeled the gauntleds biceps ... photos for you later!

-Tessa (shepard)

15th January 2014

First rough parts...

update... eva arrives...after long time... shipping...i was dissapointed because i paid express... well here are some parts I did in like two days...well not full days :)
Still need to dremel and colour and stuff ..of course! :D

5th January 2014


i need to make a neck and make it stand :3

2nd January 2014

First step

I just bought duct tape now... today:

Well some of you may know it i assume... the duct tape mannequin thingy :)
I have to use one for the N7 Armor for sure!!!
Lets get startet

ALSO: Bought EVA Foam over ebay... express shipping from uk to germany... i hope it arrives next week or whenever/ealier xD