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I made it because I am so much like the character, and I also like him too. The hardest part of making this Cosplay so far, I guess would have to be the wig. I don't know how I want the wig to look like right now. I need to figure out what I want it to look like so I can style and cut it. It was pretty easy to find all the cloths I needed at the thrift store. All I really had to do was paint on the cancer sign, and that was the easiest part. What have I learned from making this Cosplay? Well I think it would have to be that styling and cutting wigs can and will be hard. There is always that fact that you can mess up, and sometimes not even be able to fix it. Which makes for a sad day. I have worn it a few times as I put more an more of it together. I love it. It fixes just like it should. The pants are loose enough, so it looks like it is baggy, and I can still move around in them without saying "These are to tight." The shirt is nice. Normally I don't like turtle neck shirts, just because I feel like I am being chocked, but this one is loose enough that I don't have that problem, but still tight enough that it looks right. I like how the body paint looks on me. I haven't tried the body paint with the eye liner yet though. I don't know how that looks like right now. The horns are good. They might be a little big, but I wont know until I finish the wig. They are a little on the heavy side too. But I found a great way to stick them onto the head band. Just use Velcro. If they fall off your head and get knocked off the headband, then you can put them back on right there. You don't have to use glue. And glue doesn't always keep them on anyway. Even making teeth were really easy. I just had to look up some video's on how to make them, and BOOM! Done. The hardest part of making the teeth would have to be the type of denture cream to use. You want the good stuff I found out. Not the dollar store crap. It doesn't stick to your teeth, and if it does, it doesn't stay for long.


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Progress Journal

21st June 2013

Not In Yet!

My wig is still not in yet! :(
I talked to them, and they said the end of this month or the beginning of next month it should be in. I hope so. I really want it.

6th June 2013

Bought New Wig

I don't like how I styled this wig, so I looked around to find one that was already style like Karkat's hair. I spent a lot on it, but I did find one in the end. I also bought one for Terezi at the same time. Can't wait till they come in. The Karkat wig will also work as my wig for Virid/Mad Prince. So I killed two birds with one wig!

3rd June 2013


I finished making my Karkat Cosplay! It took me 2 hours to do style and cut the wig. And in the end I don't think it turned out all that good. Oh well. I live and I learn. I learned that you should style the wig first then cut it, not the other way around.