Kazekage Gaara (Battlesuit) - Naruto: Shippuden [Manga]

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2008



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Laying Down

Naruto: Shippuden (Manga)

Colour (Fan Art) Reference




Debut May 2008 - Retired August 2010

Affiliated with Heroes Come Back Productions (2008-2009) and Spiral Fishcakes (2010) - Cosplayed with Dando (Naruto), Hannah (Naruto), Jim (Kakashi), Ollie (Itachi), and Steph (Kankuro and Naruto)

Worn at: Two Photoshoots in July 2008 with Steph (as Kankuro and Naruto respectively); MCM London Forums Meet in July 2008 with Steph (as Naruto); London Cosplay Picnic in August 2008 with Hannah; Photoshoots in August and September 2008 with Steph (as Naruto); Informal Meet in October 2008 with Steph (as Naruto); Sunday of MCM London Expo Comic Con in October 2008 with Steph (as Naruto); Photoshoot in October 2008 with Steph (as Naruto); Photoshoot in February and March 2009 with Steph (as Naruto); and Camping in August 2010 with Dando, Jim, and Ollie

Comments: My very first costume. It was before the anime of Naruto was released, so people guessed the colours of Gaara's costume. As it turns out, the guesses were incorrect and this rendered my cosplay totally inaccurate. I wore this outfit a lot during my first year of cosplaying, and it got pretty used and battered in this time. By the time I put it back on for the photoshoot in 2010, I found that a lot of bits were damaged beyond use and I had to borrow bits of Jim's cosplay from him in order to wear this one final time. I do want to bring back Kazekage, but I plan to make it from scratch with the correct colours as shown in the Naruto anime.


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Progress Journal

Photo from Cosplay Camping Trip (Posted 17th August 2010)


Gourd at MCM (Posted 26th October 2008)

A bit of wear and tear...

This will do for now! (Posted 23rd October 2008)

I will buy better straps to wrap around the middle at a later date.

Finished sanding the gourd, just waiting for it to dry. (Posted 15th October 2008)


Started sanding the gourd... (Posted 10th October 2008)


Gourd Progress (Posted 1st October 2008)

Newspaper layer.

(For some reason I put the "shopping list" for my Gourd on my Genin Gaara costume rather than this one, even though I intended for it to be my Shippuden gourd. xD)

Start of the Gourd (Posted 30th September 2008)

It's made with beach balls! xD

Buckle Broke! (Posted 30th September 2008)

But I fixed it with superglue~

Altered Sandals (Posted 16th July 2008)

Added a small bit in-between my first and second toe to make the sandals more accurate.

Haircut (Posted 14th July 2008)

Had my hair cut to suit Gaara's more~

Costume Arrived (Posted 11th July 2008)


Pose Idea (Posted 5th July 2008)

Visited Bushy Park with a friend and discovered some cool pose ideas. :)

Cos-Test Thing (Posted 4th July 2008)


Dyed my hair. (Posted 9th June 2008)


Makeup test. (Posted 26th May 2008)

Start of Gaara~

First Makeup Test (Posted 25th April 2008)

First attempt~ I know the forehead symbol's in black here, I'll get something red to put it on with soon enough.