Gaara (Genin) - Naruto


Debut July 2008 (Re-Debut November 2008 and June 2010) - June 2010

Affiliated with Heroes Come Back Productions (2008-2009) - Worn with Alex as Kankuro, Chii as Naruto, Maddy as Naruto, Paz as Sasuke, Rachel as Hinata, Sammy as Sakura, Steph as Naruto, Stevie as Sakura, and Trozz as Kakashi.

Worn at: Photoshoot in July 2008 with Steph, Pre-Shippuden Photoshoot in November 2008 with Alex, Paz, Rachel, and Steph; Cosplay Weekend in January 2008 with Alex, Paz, Sammy, Steph, and Trozz; Photoshoot in February 2009 with Steph; Sunday of Japanese Art Festival in February 2010 with Maddy and Stevie; and a Photoshoot in June 2010 with Chii.

Comments: Originally created for the cosplay production group I was a part of. I think I got a lot out of this costume, and I think it's time to lay it to rest.

animekid3000 posted on 26 August, 2014 - 04:09
Now this is an AMAZING Gaara cosplay! Absolutely brilliant! :D

Make Gourd
Make shoulder scarf thing out of shawls
Cut Hair (Again - Slightly shorter, and more accurate)
Cut Hair
Dye Hair Back to Red
Bleach and Dye My Hair
Superdrug B Blonde Powder Bleach
Sally Beauty Salon Services Creme Peroxide (to bleach my hair for dye)
Superdrug Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Intense Red Hair Dye
Red Eyeliner (given from a friend)
Superdrug Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Black Eye Pencil
Ebay Red Sand Forehead Protector
Ebay Beach Ball (16")
Ebay Beach Ball (20")
Insulating Tape (given)
Wilkinson's Wallpaper Paste (x3)
Black T-Shirt (given)
Pound World White Scarves (x2)
Claire's Accessories Black Fishnet Wristbands
Black Jeans (given)
Wilkinson's Red Permanent Marker
Wilkinson's Bandages (x2)
China Town Parasol
Black Sand Forehead Protector

Total cost: £0.00

24th June 2010

Styled Wig


21st June 2010

Wig Arrived~

I purchased this lovely two-toned red/black wig, it looks kind of more natural at a distance, the fibres blend together to make a dark red colour~ I really like it!

7th January 2009

Home Previews~

I took some photos in my bathroom to test out how Genin cosplay might look on me~

31st December 2008

Red is Back!

After being Eiri Yuki (blonde) for a month, I dyed my hair back red to bring Gaara back!

9th November 2008

Cosplay Progress

Uploading this here rather than a cosplay photo because it looks awful. xD I made the cosplay in a few days with no access to anything like a sewing machine, etc.

8th July 2008

Genin Gaara Test Shoot

Oh my god don't look at me! xD

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