Cerise Hood - Ever After High


Kitacon 2014


After Monster High, came Ever After High...
Cerise and Kitty have caught my eye, and I want to cosplay them both :D

Worn at:
Kitacon 2014
MCM May London Expo 2014

Casper posted on 2 September, 2014 - 00:43
Looks great! :D

Paint/embroider patternwork onto cape/cloak/hood/thing
Boots - buy and darken
Waist Cincer - buy
Buy Shirt
Modify shirt
Black Ombre tights
Chain and pendant
Hood Fastening
Wolf ears

Total cost: £0.00

12th February 2014

I bought new boots

'cos I wanted to and they're more accurate than my others I love both pairs anyway so <3

20th January 2014

updated costume

I got the leggings! and they fit! whilst Mum's off work this week, I should hopefully make a mock up of her hood, and add the white section to my wig, along with maybe attempting to swap over the sleeves of my top. The cloak and the waist cincher are the main bits missing now. Fingers crossed! and fingers crossed I find the hearts i bought for her locket too, they've gone walk-about

14th January 2014


I've searched all over for Crackle Effect Leggings, Tree print leggings and anything like that to wear for Cerise but I found nothing Until I found an XXS pair of Shimmer Black/Silver ones a few days ago just won them on Ebay Fingers Crossed they fit! Otherwise I have no idea what I'm gonna do!

29th October 2013

Base wig, aquired!

So I got the base wig today :D whoop whoop Gonna attempt to bleach the colour of of it to get her white streak ;cos I have no fucking clue how i'mma do that D:

8th October 2013


I got her locket! well Two of them 'cos they were cheap and i couldn't decide and it also means I have a backup for her Legacy Day outfit if she still wears her locket to that. I just need to decide which one to use and to put the picture she has in it :3 Eye for detail and what not lol

14th September 2013

Boots Arrived!

I have them :D They're here now :D I absolutely love these boots perfection! <3

10th September 2013


I CALLED IT! read it! I called it! Wolf ears! Many other people called it too, i think anyone who saw the Rebel episode of Ever after High called it but OH i'm so EXCITED! Oh, Cerise, you beautiful thing!

10th September 2013

Cerise gets an episode!

Screenies as a sneak peek, Uploading to my journal so i remember it. hoping I can get some more stills from the episode so I can gather a few more references! I've also found a free pattern to attempt to make her cloak I'm also tempted to try her Legacy day outfit for the evening. Thoughts? If I manage to get Cerise's basic outfit done anyway, I'm in love with the bits of her Legacy day outfit that I've seen so far, Curly hair, so cute <3

23rd July 2013

I know it's not been made Cannon

And it's just Speculation But I'm going to do her with a set of low, drooping wolf ears under her hood Because I like that Idea of Cerise I've found I already have a skirt very similar to the one she wears, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about :D I've found the boots on Ebay, and i'm gonna snap them up asap, as well as her shirt. then i'll let things lie for a bit 'cos money! D:

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