Pharaoh Atem (Yami Yugi) - Yu-Gi-Oh!




After cosplaying as Yami Yugi in the May 07 London Expo, I decided to cosplay as the Pharaoh for October (as I love this character so much! <3)

I think the hardest parts of making the costume was the cape, the leg bands and the clay jewellery.

Best parts of the costume: The jewellery, I will admit the earrings did hurt but it was worth it :D
Also I loved the cape with all the slishing on stage XD

In the future I plan to make the duel disk that the Pharaoh uses in the last season of the show.


Kai posted on 15 October, 2007 - 22:38
I don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh but I just wanted to say I think you did a good job. Especially with the hair, it looks really cool! :D

Amy-Lou posted on 26 October, 2007 - 20:10
I saw you at Expo and recognised you from here :D Great job and the hair is just fantastic!

SherlockHulmes posted on 26 October, 2007 - 20:49
One of the few decent Yugioh cosplayers I have seen! Great job on the wig! :D

CrystalNeko posted on 30 October, 2007 - 23:19
I just love your costume so much! It's amazing how you did the hair as well! X3 It was nice seeing you again in Oct btw =3

Adziu posted on 10 January, 2008 - 01:01
Woooo it's the wig!! *Pokes it*

Cat_Cat posted on 9 February, 2008 - 20:56
Ahhh!!! I remember seeing you at the Expo! I tried running after you to ask for a photo but you were too quick for me x_x Awesome job on the costume~!!! Shame that I didn't get that photo >_<

megacosplayer posted on 16 February, 2008 - 23:34
AWSHUMNESS!!! im doing the Dark Magicain some time this year and my girlfriend is doing the Dark Magician Girl. i need a yugi/yami to summon us......oh manga-girl~ XD i kid very nice cosplay. shame i didnt get any picca's

Manga Girl posted on 26 February, 2008 - 22:42
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! *hugs* Good news is I will be cosplaying Atem again at the Ocotber 08 Expo so I'll make sure that people who didn't get photos last time will do this time! :D

HotshotShan posted on 11 February, 2009 - 23:19
Ah so you're that awesome Atem from devART(OK that sounded stalkerish, I apologise ><)brilliant job on this one! I love it to pieces

RevolverKitty posted on 22 May, 2011 - 00:04
It was you! I knew I recognised your face, this is awesome, love the shots taken :)