Dah'Yis - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


AyaCon 2013




This is to replace the Yuke i was going to do for a crystal chronicles group. Thankfully it ties in with what Agi is doing for it and so we have a complete Leuda Caravan if I can get this finished!


Monkey posted on 21 August, 2013 - 23:35
This was such a cute cosplay! I don't know the character but you looked adorable (and I loved the whole running in with the crystal thingie above your head). Your hat was so cute that it bounced and you and Emma really matched the outfits so well!

Progress Journal

10th August 2013

Main body

Fitting and fur trim are FINALLY on and sorted. Seriously SO many problems trying to get this bloody thing to fit and sit correctly.
Thankfully the eyeletting was an easy fix.
A few last pieces to sort:
Leather halter neck
Chest Armor pieces
Yellow detailing
Top Hem.
Then that's it! All of the garment is done. Then its the bandana, booties, belt and knife. Then we're done with this piece! Hoping to have it done by Tuesday.

27th July 2013


Quick bit of progress on the gloves. Cheating a fair bit by cutting down a pair of cotton leggings and adapting

25th July 2013

bandana! yeah!

Not a huge amount of progress but here is the base for my bandana for dah. Embroidery to follow!