Ryomou Shimei (Battle Damaged) - Ikki Tousen / Battle Vixens


I wore a Ryomou costume 3 years ago at the very same con, that was her typical blue/white costume now I'm going for the more...er...well..typical Ikki Tousen clothing style.. shredded beyond belief.

I'm hoping to dirt/bloody myself up a bit, you don't have a cat fight without some damage!

Of course though the most important piece of this costume is the crisp white pants.


I forgot I had an almost perfect Hakufu wig, so I'm gonna possibly do her one day if I get time. I'm using the exact same top/skirt as the Ryomou costume so thought I'd just upload both of them onto this one instead of making another.

nanahara posted on 2 July, 2013 - 15:18
Well your certainly doing well with accuracy and looking good as well

Inuyoku posted on 2 July, 2013 - 23:21
Thanks Nana :) I was a bit unsure that I took the rip a little TOO high but then there is no such thing as TOO ripped in Ikki Tousen ;)!! Thanks again hope you're well x

Stik_Man posted on 22 July, 2013 - 22:27
This is fab

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