Tayuya (Anime) - Naruto

In Progress

London MCM Expo May 2008

Haven't entered any comps with this yet.




Tayuya again (slightly obbsessed with this character), the other one was really rushed and was only for a cosplay picnic back in November 2007, so I've been remaking this and taking some time over it rather then then two nights before, this time without mistakes (hopefully. Still haven't got round to making the hat, which is the main reason this is unfinnished.

One of my foundest memories was hand sewing the unbalanced ying yang at 1 in the morning on Saturday of May Expo T_T in the Premier Inn. Been making a huge rear rope of death to but havent figured out how to wear it yet. One of the good things about this costume though is the main part I mostly did on sewing machine which is a hell of alot faster then handsewing, as I learned how to fix and use my Mum's while on a dress making course early last year, when I started Aeris.

Anyway this year I'm gonna try and be a better cosplayer and finnish costumes or by the time they are I'll be walking around with a zimmer frame.


soph24 posted on 26 July, 2009 - 14:22
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