Shisui Uchiha (Original?) - Naruto [Yes, another one]





God, I'm such a Narutard.
Even though you never get to see poor Shisui, I thought I'd have a go at cosplaying him. It'll be a challenge, since the only reference out there are fanworks, so I hope my interpretation comes out ok.
I figured he'd look like most of the Uchiha do - shoulder length black hair lol I also think the only Uchiha's with different hairstyles are Sasuke, Itachi and Madara (might be because they're main characters?)
I'm going to go with the Jounin uniform (that Kakashi wears) but have the Uchiha military police symbol on it like Sasuke's dad has on his outfit. That's all I can say for now ^^;;

I hope people will be able to figure out the character when I do get to cosplay this lol


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