Sakura Shinguji (Kimono) - Sakura Taisen / Sakura Wars


AmeCon 2007




After cosplaying as Sakura in her series 1 battle outfit, I decided to make her kinomo because I loved the kinomo design and the character is more recongisable in this costume.

This costume was made in a huge rush because I only managed to finish half an hour before I was due to debut this costume. I did big mistakes on the sleeves because firstly it was too short and it just looked totally wrong, but anyway it's not too bad for a last minute thing.

The bow hair tie & sword was the same as the one I've used for my series 1 battle costume. I can't be bothered to write out the info on how I put these props/accessories again, so look in my battle costume info.

The obi was not a difficult thing to make, but making the bow stick out was a little tricky. I had to sew the ends of the bow on the waist line to make it stick out, but I'm going to improve on this.

I am planning to improve on this costume and hopefully it will debut again at some point. List of improvements...
~ Make the bow hair tie again and stiffen it with hemp
~ Stiffen the obi with hemp
~ Possibly make an attachment, so my sword cover will stay around my waist
~ Make the sleeves again
~ Make the gloves


CrystalNeko posted on 14 November, 2007 - 21:58
Eeep! Sakura Wars! =D I love Sakura's kimono! X3 And from your avi it looks REALLY awesome! =D

Ichigo-Chan posted on 6 December, 2007 - 18:59
Thanks for your comment I finally managed to upload some photos XD!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 9 December, 2011 - 17:22
How did I not see this! you look simply beautiful! glad someone else likes Sakura Taisen XD