Vanellope Von Schweetz (Normal (Non-Princess)) - Wreck it Ralph

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Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph. Costume will consist of one green hoodie (dyed with blue over the top), pink UV tubing (hoodie decoration), wig with sweet-shaped beads glued on, PVC/Fimo hair wrap (depending on success and weight of fimo), green wet look leggings decorated with fabric paint, black boots, shop bought skirts sewn together.

Though not a difficult cosplay, the costume depends largely on minor details such as contact lenses and make-up. I have the feeling it would be too easy to cop out once the leggings are painted, so I am intent on making it right.

So far I have been through two hoodies trying to get the colour right. The initial hoodie was not as green as it looked on eBay, so I have had to make my own colour using a pre-done green hoodie dyed blue to make sea green. There is debate over Vanellope's 'true' colouring as she often appears to be in a sky blue, but in the film itself it looks more of an off sea green.

In researching the costume, I often found people had used pink ribbon on the hoodie for decoration but I feel this doesn't capture the 'candy' effect achieved with tubing. Given she chews one of her 'laces' in the film I believe they are meant to be strawberry laces or jelly sweet-kind of things, and I want to get the high shine effect.

I am most nervous about painting the leggings, as I am on a tight budget and could do without ruining too many pairs with wonky lines. I intend on stretching the leggings over PVC pipe (a little like guttering) and using masking tape to keep the lines straight.


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