Clara Oswald
Doctor Who

Cosplayer: sarahg12

Variant: From the episode: The Bells of Saint John

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

A gold star for trying. *joke*

30th May 2013: My dress is here!! It literately just arrived an hour ago, I was worrying it wasn't going to fit but it does and its longer than what Clara's dress is!
I'm a little worried that it doesn't look that much like Clara's dress because my sister commented saying 'It looks nothing like her dress!'
But the colour does, the style does, it just isn't a replicate. Since Clara's dress has a pattern on it and has a long backing on it.

So hopefully it is reconisgable, also all I need now is the eagle necklace and to find some boots (my sister has something similar), also I may need to cut my hair.. Glad I've got my stuff early instead of running round last minute like last time, since my Haruhi Suzumiya costume took 2 weeks to come and it was less than a month away to the Expo..

If someone is reading this could you let me know what they think of the dress, does it look alike to Clara's?? Thanks, may not update for a while now.. We'll see. ;)

27th May 2013: Waah excited Finally decided on what to wear for the Expo, wooo yay. I knew I wanted to be Clara, but I didnt want to go for anything too complicated or pricey. Orignally I was going to wear the dress she wore in her first episode, but its quite short and also its hard to find anything similar.

So I went with the dress from the Bells of Saint John, its not too flashy, simple and hopefully recognizable.. (Be awkward if I spend money and no one even knows who I'm mean to be!!)

Right, so I've ordered the dress, but I could only find it in a size 8.. I'm actually a size 12/14. So I'm worried it wont fit properly, I'll try to get into or have to return it (then I would panic and cry if so).
Clara wears an eagle necklace which I may buy online or go into store (Accessorize) to see if they got it there. I think I've already got boots will look sorta similar.

Clara's hair seems quite straight, mine is a bit curly so I'll try to straight it the best I can (but it usuaully doesnt last long). Also my hair is dark brown and my eyes are blue, whilst Clara's is mid light brown-ish and brown eyes.. So there are a few differences there. But I have a similar hair style and length, also I think I sorta look like her in the face, you can be the judge of that in the picture anyway!

My friend is coming with me and is dressing a female version of Bilbo (from the Hobbit), so it should be fun. I hope I do get reconginised though or I'll be walking round feeling really sad. Also I know it gets packed, so I hope there will be more room, its seems to be getting more organised and spaceous but more packed each year.

Anywho, I'll have to see how I'll get on dress wise and I'm quite limited in money, so.. If the dress doesnt work out and I cant find another one then I'll have to leave it!! (I hope it doesnt come to that or I'll be devastated..)

So I'll update if anything happens. :)