Megurine Luka
Vocaloid Project Diva 2nd

Cosplayer: tufty

Variant: Geisha

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

1st June 2013: Progession I finally have my very lovely Chinese eyelashes and some equally lovely eye lash glue that is so pretty. I cannot wait to have the completed costume I really can't siiigh.

And on another note, I shall also be going to the August 2013 Cardiff Comic Con and oh my gosh the guest list and OH MY GOSH, the iron throne from Game of Thrones will be there and siiigh. ; u ; Happy. Only 3 weeks off for Summer but 2 amazing events to go to! Happy Des is happy.

30th May 2013: Progress Hai everyone, just thought I would update you on my Megurine Luka cosplay. I now own a pair of very lovely blue circle lenses as well as waiting on the arrival of a pack of 10 pairs of lovely chinese eye lashes siiigh.

I also have progress on the wig front, finally deciding on my purchase last night. The cosplay is coming along quite nicely seeing as only 1 week ago I knew that myself and my boy friend would be going to Ayacon~

26th May 2013: Final Decision After a few days of fretting, pulling hair out and unnecessary crying; I have finally found myself in a good place after having made my Saturday cosplay decision for Ayacon'13. I will be cosplaying Luka Megurine Geisha which shall be interesting.

I was originally planning on attempting the Cyber Nation Megurine Luka from Project Diva Extend however finally came to a conclusion that the cons for me, outweighed the pros.

My Megurine Luka Geisha cosplay shall be tasteful (as I feel it should be) and thorough. I already own the brown leggings and already have plans on purchasing blue circle lenses tomorrow as well as taking my measurements in preparation for the actual cosplay.

I will also be accompanied by my boyfriend who will hopefully be going as Kaito in his 'Project Diva Extend' variation.