Playable Character (G-Rank Lagombi Armour) - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate





Right now I am loving Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS, and I like the armour I built for my character so much, that I would actually like to make it and where it for a con.

I'm hoping that some of my monster hunter friends from work will join me for this one!


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Progress Journal

26th May 2013

An Initial Idea

I suggested the idea to my work friends that, since we all get together at least once a week and play MH on 3DS, that it would be really cool if we got together and all cosplayed our playable characters. They all seem pretty up for the idea, which is good.

While I was in the queue for expo today, i was chatting with a couple of friends about my new costume idea and we all agreed that it would look pretty cool knitted. So I guess it is time to learn to knit! My new friend from the queue gave me some useful websites I could use - thank you Anna :)