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Sakura has always been my favourite Amine character and I have always adore the costumes in Tsubasa, so I really wanted to make one of Sakura's costume at some point. I can honestly say that the most common costume which has been done by many cosplayers maybe a little too complex for me at the time, so after looking through so many Tsubasa artbooks and watching some episodes, I decided to make her DragonFly costume for a few reasons. Fristly, the costume has not been done before, I love to cosplay as characters with original costumes & I never seen anyone (not even on or any other cosplay sites) make her DragonFly race costume. Secondly, the costume was fairly simple as I am still not experinced enough to make complex costumes. Finally I thought the costume would be recongisable as Sakura wears this costume during the DragonFly race and it does kinda play an important part in Tsubasa (not mentioning anything just incase it's a spoiler) It was actually funny wearing this costume during the London Expo in May 07 because everyone thought I was the Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakkura and when I told everyone I was meant to be the Sakura from Tsubasa, they gave me a confused look. Oh well, I suppose not many people have seen season 2 of Tsubasa at that time. Now for the part of how my costume was constructed....

The fabric for the dress was brought from Fancy Silk stores. I never used a paper pattern for the dress because the shape was quite basic and besides, I'm terrible at using patterns (I know thats kinda weird) instead I have used one of my dresses for reference, which the shape looks similiar to Sakura's DragonFly race dress and most importantly it fits me well. A meter of pink fabric costing £4.99 was cut into shape and I have sewn white fabric costing £2.99 for the sides. The yellow lining on the dress was done by sewing yellow ribbons brought from Paperchase.

The wings at the back of the dress was made out of a white fabric, stuffed with cotton wool so the wings will stick out. The wings have been updated for the Midlands Expo in Sept 07.

The boots which Sakura wears are above her knees, but since my legs are so damn short, I had to buy boots which are just below my knees. Anyway they were a easy find, I brought them from Primark at a reasonable price of £12.

I did make the gloves, but I ended up buying them from Birthdays because one of the gloves which I've made has failed >.<"

The choker was made by buying a thick pink ribbon from Paperchase and I used velcro, so I can easily put on and take off the choker.

My Mokona plushie was actually a Magic Knight Rayearth plushie because I didn't have a Tsubasa one at the time. Anyway I don't think it will make a big difference, expect for the earing. I have brought a pair of googles for me and my Mokona plushie.

Finally the wig was very difficult to find. It is really hard to get an accurate wig for Sakura, so I ended up buying a short brown wig from Celga and styling the fringe and sides to make it look more like Sakura's. I think the wig REALLY KILLED the price for this costume. I mean more then half of what I spent for the costume was the price of the wig. Unfortuantely I am still not happy with the wig, so I am hoping I can find a better wig sometime.

Plans for this costume in the future is to update it! I want to make the goggles this time, so it looks more closer to the goggles which Sakura is wearing. I also plan to update the wings again and possible make a prop (you know the prize for the DragonFly race), but I don't know how to make it T_T

Anime_Angel posted on 11 October, 2007 - 17:16
Sure is a great costume^_^ The wig is very exceptional^_^

Charlie-Bear posted on 8 December, 2007 - 20:57
I love your Sakura cosplay, really adorable. I can't wait to see any other Sakuras you bring out! =D