Sailor Uranus
Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: Noa

Variant: Super

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

9th July 2013: COMPLETE Well, i have finally completed this costume. It's been a lot of trial and error, especially with working with lycra for the first time, but it's been fun!
It's not the most comfortable thing to wear but that's one cosplay down from my dream list!
See you at Manchester if you're gonna be there C:

21st June 2013: Wig test So this is what i'll roughly look like, except the wig will be styled a bit more and held with hairspray!
The wig isn't as multi toned as it looks, it's just cos i'm facing the sun! ^^

13th June 2013: Finished shoes Third pair of shoes i bought to cover in fabric cos i grew too attached to the first two and didn't want to ruin them!....

3rd June 2013: Preview i just need to make boot covers, make the sleeves, sew the bows on, make the heart for the centre of the front one and style the wig when it arrives

2nd June 2013: Bits and bobs Nearing completion...

29th May 2013: Body Body getting there!

27th May 2013: Getting there! Made the bows and collar today!

26th May 2013: Cut out everything! So everything's cut out...yet to sew everything, get wig/style, make boot covers ^^

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 2nd June 2013
ooooooooo looking good :D Me and my partner will be school uniform Haruka and Michiru at Manchester too!! ^^ Look forward to seeing this ^^

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 3rd June 2013
Looks great so far!

Alouette avatar

Alouette - 5th June 2013
Your working on this looks amazing so far! The skirt is so crisp and clean :) hopefully I should be Saturn at Manchester Expo so I'll certainly look out for you!

Noa avatar

Noa - 5th June 2013
Thanks for your comments guys! <3 ^^
And It'll be fab to see you there Alouette! Sailors have to stick together! C: Hopefully we'll bump into you! ^^