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Something I've always been working on, but never made too public, other than to my friends lol! But yeah, I admire Dean Winchester greatly, and he'll always be my favourite character in any TV series that's currently on. I don't need to go into why because quite frankly, my friends who know me, know why.

I've spent months looking for the right sort of femme version of his jacket, and shirt etc, and now I'm relatively happy with the outcome. I debuted what I have at Asylum10 this past weekend because they had the impala at the con, and it had to be done! XP! Also, Dean is seriously badass and he's one character where crossplaying would NOT work for me, because I'm too scrawny in the arms lol! So doing a femme version was my only option. I have two version technically because I have shorts and trousers for it. At A10 I went with shorts because they were more comfortable that day.

I can't begin to add up the cost because quite frankly I've forgotten and I'm still picking up things here and there to add to it, when myself and my friends in my little Supernatural group decide to go on a location photo shoot and go to a con together. We have in our group:
-Femme Dean
-Femme Sam
-Castiel - aka the FULL team free will! YAY!
-Demon!Meg (blonde)

Still got to make/get (for A12 next year):
-better boots
-green contacts

Apart from the small bits that I wanna get for my own preference really, I'm gonna put this in the 'complete' section now. I've got the main big things, and the outfit done so yeah... I'm considering this complete for CI, but I'll forever be adding stuff for it- the one beauty of a "costume" such as this.

roguearcanis posted on 22 May, 2013 - 16:41
Awesome, you were at A10 as well! 8D Great picture with Baby, there ^_^

FuriePhoenix posted on 22 May, 2013 - 20:50
Haha yes I was! And thanks! Its probably my fav photo op photo from the lot I got!

TrixieTober posted on 4 June, 2013 - 15:59
Love the photos! One of the best femme deans yet!

FuriePhoenix posted on 4 June, 2013 - 21:47
Oh my gosh! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! This really means a lot!

Put rips/distressed marks in boot cut jeans
Get flasks for Holy Water
Paint machine gun
get salt
Make machete

Total cost: £0.00

21st November 2013

New Boots!

I managed to pick up finally a pair of boots that I feel are more Deanna Winchester. I saw these and knew they were the ones to get, as they're based off the boots they actually wear in the series, but with a feminine chunky heel. So now when I wear this outfit, I'll feel more feminine!

11th September 2013

More Progress!

Well, sort of haha! Although I got the outfit completed, I've decided to work on getting stuff for the duffel and the duffel itself. I just got the actual duffel from ebay, it's not 100% accurate to his, but then Dean isn't a woman! Lol! So creative thinking is in order, also with my next to nothing budget I have for this to get quite a bit of stuff for WinterLFCC, it's as close as. So that's the duffel, I've also started making a machete to go inside the duffel out of cardboard and will be papier mache-ing it once I've got more PVA glue as I've run out. I'm also going to try and scrounge around for more cardboard and do the same technique in making a few other knives of different sizes and POSSIBLY an Angel's blade, but we'll see how my timing goes to how much I can get made in such a short time. Only thing that I won't be able to do now is getting the green contact lenses, which kinda irritates me because I'm stickler for having the right eye color for characters if it's at all possible, but for Winter LFCC it just isn't possible at the moment with my next to none budget. Ah well, there's always photoshop!! Hahaha! I will however get contacts for Asylum 12 when I bring her out again! Just like I'll be getting contacts for my OC to which I'll be debuting there too. UPDATE: Duffel arrived and I know it said 'used' in the listing, but my god it was awful! The actual duffel was in pretty good nick and stuff, but it STINKS reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad and has mud stains all over it. So decided to not use it, but instead as luck would have it, a bigger CLEANER and none stinky duffel of the same style pretty much turned up at her work, so she got it for me. Now I have a better duffel woohoo! I bought two bottles of salt today to stash away in the duffel, and do fully intend to use it outside of LFCC and at any other photoshoot I do with my 'team free will' in the future. Managed to pick up some more PVA glue too, so the machete I'm making is well on it's way to being papier mache'd and done. As well as sandpaper getting bought, so I can really work on my machine gun at some point, hopefully Thursday outside. I know the boys don't have a machine gun (that we know of) I needed a big gun just for the sake of having it in the duffel to make it look fuller. And it was dirt cheap. As I mentioned before I think. Now all I wanna do is, make some more knives if I can of different types, possibly a scythe? Using screencaps of the Impala's trunk and all it's contents to get some ideas.

4th September 2013

Stuff I've got and still to get

Stuff I've already got this: - green shirt - black under tee - boot cut jeans (I bought boot cuts one to replace the skinny jeans) - boots - two handguns including his silver colt - one machine gun (I know they haven't used one in the show, but it's just to bulk out the duffel bag at cons) - samulet - bracelets - anti possession tattoo - wig - Brown pleather jacket - zippo lighter STILL TO GET: - duffel bag - brown boots (eventually) - green contact lenses (cant afford to get them for Winter LFCC now, so will have to resort to photoshop lol) - bottles of salt

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