Kyouko Sakura (Magic girl outfit ) - Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica





Her red 'magic girl' outfit she wears when fighting witches though I may do her casual version too.


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Progress Journal

10th July 2013


I've now got this cosplay and its great I love it but I do need to get the under top altered as its massive but its really good and for once not difficult to get off like some of my other cosplays

4th June 2013

Just started on Kyouko Sakura

I've just started buying all my items for this cosplay. I've bought the boots this morning and plan to buy the wig tonight and then I'll get the cosplay later on this week towards the mid next week as I'm waiting on a cosplay arriving from this seller so I can see how good the quality it is so I can order Sakura I would make it but I have no idea where to start with things like that.