Misa Amane (Original costume for Manga) - Death Note




After the London Expo Oct 06, I came up with the idea to cosplay as Misa for the next event which was the Midlands Expo in Feb. The reason was because that Death Note was my latest obsession, my friend was planing to cosplay as L and Misa was my favourite Anime character after Sakura CCS and there wasn't enough Misa cosplayers (I know Misa has been cosplayed before loads of times now, but back then I only seen 2 Misa's) I was also in the middle of my university dissertation and never had enough time to make a costume from scratch, the thing which I like about cosplaying as Misa is that there are loads of clothes you can buy from the shops and put together to make up a Misa cosplay as long as it's something gothic which Misa would wear.

When I went shopping to buy clothes and jewelry for this cosplay, I brought a range of stuff; 3 black tops, 2 skirts, 3 pair of tights, 2 pairs knee lenght socks, 2 pairs of boots, 2 chokers, 2 cross necklaces, 1 pair of earings, 6 rings, 1 pair of arm warmers, 2 nail polishs (black and red), 1 red lipstick and 1 braclet.

Basically whenever I cosplay as Misa, I always look at all of the stuff which I brought and put together what I feel like wearing for my Misa cosplay at the event, so you will see the costume constantly changing all the time XD!

I must not forget to talk about the wig. The wig infact was basically a pain in the ass to find & it was extremely difficult to find a wig up to my standard. I was really fussy about the wig because I wanted it to be a golden yellow-ish colour, although everyone says that Misa is blonde, in my opinion she is NOT blonde because her hair has a tint of yellow especially in Manga illstration. I also wanted the wig to have pig tails that sticks out like the manga vol.4 cover. It was my friend who found the wig for me on Ebay, everything about the wig was up to my standard, so I knew I MUST use the "buy it now" option and I'll have the prefect Misa wig. The only thing I didn't like about the wig is that it lacks in quality, it tangles easily and I get parnoid that you can see my natural dark hair underneath the wig >.<"

Overall Misa is a fun character to cosplay. She is recongisable and there are so many Death Note cosplayers around to take pics with. Infact Misa is my most popular cosplay up to date with loads of pics on the AmeCon 07 forums.

Finally my future plans for this cosplay is to make a costume that Misa wears from the Amine or Manga rather then just buying random gothic stuff.

UPDATE ~ 10th April
I just realised I have loads of pics of my Misa costume, but haven't uploaded them yet lol. Since I'm planning to make a new Misa costume, this costume will retire soon. I'm considering to probably debut this costume for the last time at an event (not sure which event though)


Yuka posted on 5 December, 2007 - 01:12
Thanks for the comment on Matt! ^^ I remember you from Amecon. ^^

Anime_Angel posted on 7 April, 2008 - 16:01
lolo yup, your Misa Rival is a guy lol, I might duck out at some point though so you might be the better Misa Rival lol

Anime_Angel posted on 10 April, 2008 - 21:59
Yeah I think the tokyotoys necklaces are much better than the ones on Ebay thats for sure and since I like the greatest quality stuff for my cosplay which exlains the high quality Naruto Headbands I have, I am bound to get the Misa Necklace^_^ Thanks for the complement^_^ I am leveling up my bravey points faster because of everyones positive comments, but we will see who makes the better Misa cosplayer once I get some pictures posted up of the finished result, in that way, we can tell then^_^