Katniss Everdeen (Arena) - The Hunger Games




Early variant worn at MCM in October and again for photoshoot in Winchester in February 2013.
SEVERELY updated for MCM May 2013.

Most expensive element was the jacket. Instead of buying the official repro, I identified a cheaper alternative from Bon Marché. For £35 I had my outer jacket!
Inner jacket is the one I wore as 'stand in' for the original shoot and con, just with the orange trim added around the edge by hand. Sadly lacking the hood on the inner jacket.
Boots still aren't screen accurate (Or even close, really) but they're comfortable and were only £10 after I left the ones I was using at home by mistake when I visited Winchester with the costume.
I've spent a fair amount on makeup for the look, but it's mostly inexpensive MUA stuff.
Wig cost around £13 from Hong Kong and was styled by the lovely Vicky after three attempts of my own didn't achieve the standard I was hoping for.

After buying a bow with money given to me for my birthday and discovering it's WAY too big, I decided to MAKE one. The result is pleasing! Up close you can tell it's homemade, but from a distance, it looks the part.
Also made some arrows using long drinking straws and an old Disney doll box (Hurrah for plastic).
Quiver currently being made.

Also have a water bottle (Based on the film), medicine jar (Like the one Katniss gets the burn medicine in in the film) and a pair of 'sunglasses'. Sunglasses are actually a pair of 3D glasses with the arms sprayed silver.

I think that's about it?

UPDATE: Quiver complete and new boots purchased! Closer to the screen ones and cheaper. They cost me £2 at a boot sale. =)
My arrows need repairing, or remaking, as a lot of the silver paint has chipped off, hardly surprising really. XD


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