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Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean





It's been a long time since I've gone all out on a costume and since I came into some money... I decided to go all out and be Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy! I was working at Halloween Adventure in NYC and told my friends we were gonna be pirates for the party. =D Of course... I would be Captain Jack Sparrow! ;) Anyways... this is how I went about becoming the most infamous Captain to sail the Seven Seas!

First thing I did was bought a few things from Halloween Adventure's FX Dept.
-Ben Nye Cream Foundation M-2 SUNTONE (for the right skin tone)
-Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder (so your face isn't too shiny)
-Mehron Barrier Spray (used to keep facial hair on even if you sweat)
-tv Mastic Spirit Gum (for the moustache, beard & chin beard)
-Ben Nye Liquid Latex (I made my own chin beard & latex'd them on)
-Mehron Tooth F-X GOLD (obvious =P )
(I couldn't find any Tooth F-X SILVER in time... so I made my own.)
-Mehron METALLIC POWDER #129 (not so obvious.
-Ben Nye Tooth Color NICOTINE (Let the clear liquid settle on top.
Pour into smallest container you can find with cap. Mix in the METALLIC POWDER to make the homemade SILVER TOOTH FX.)
-Ben Nye Spirit Gum Remover (self explanatory =P )
I then bought the tricorn, compass, wig & bandana from the other part of the shop.

When I got home I took out my credit card and went online and ordered:
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica flintlock
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica scabbard
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica Baldric Sword Belt, Sun Belt & Anamaria Belt
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica outfit (I got it from Singapore, lass... savvy!) ;)
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica boots
-PotC Jack Sparrow's replica rings
-Wool Frock Coat (It looked really authentic & warm for NYC)
-All the knickknacks for the costume that I could find that didn't look cheap.
That was pretty much all I needed.

There were a few things I did need to make for the wrist adornments.
I went to a fabric shop and bought:
-a strip of lace (one down)
-the black wrist wrap (blk scarf/blk burlap, magenta & beige yarn) (that's two)

The leather hand glove I made from a soaked leather purse I found in the gutter.

If you want to learn more... go to
It's a complete tutorial on everything you wanna know.
I didn't make my outfit like everyone else usually does... but who cares!
At least I was honest about it... ;)

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man... you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly! It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid!


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