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Sorry about the grainy quality of the picture :/ It was taken with a cell phone.

I've been so busy with commission lately, I haven't really gotten a chance to make something for myself in a long while and have gone to the past couple of conventions not cosplaying. I was really, really determined to get this done.

I started this Wednesday night and ended up packing my sewing machine and serger and all of my fabric with me. I spent a good bit of Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning working on this cosplay in the hotel room and I'm so glad I got most of it done!

I ended up skipping out on making the gloves, stockings, wings and hair bows. i bought whit stockings and hair bows at the convention and I'll make the wings and gloves later.

Now, I can sew rather quickly but, I never, EVER wish to rush a commission. I always rush things for myself and end up sacrificing a lot of the quality. The only problems with this were the fitting issues for the bodice and bolero as I had to draft that up on myself, while at the hotel. I also eventually need to fix the hoops skirt and make it flare out more as the weight of all three skirts compressed the shape that I was going for. Oh and I ended up having to go back many, MANY times taking out/undoing seams because since I was in such a rush, i often sewed the wrong pieces or sides together...and things up side down. -_- So, in case you're wondering why I take so long with commissions, those are some reasons why.

I also need shoes that are a lot more comfortable and some gel inserts :c

And the staff, I need to make that too...

I have my friends and family to thank for this cosplay because I was only able to pull it off with the bunch of Joann fabrics gift cards I had gotten for my birthday and over the holidays.

I used a total of 24 yards of white bridal satin, some sort of glittery purple satin and pink casa satin.


InfiniteJester posted on 20 May, 2013 - 09:11
This looks gorgeous!

a-papergirl posted on 28 May, 2013 - 23:11
Your dress is so beautiful!