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Making for AyaRevolution 2009

The Latin is "Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum," which translates as "Blessed be the name of the Lord"

Sephirayne posted on 19 March, 2009 - 23:24
Awesome choice. I would love to watch the series at some point as it would look like it appeals.

Sillabub posted on 28 May, 2009 - 13:17
Ooh, I've been wanting to do this for a while myself! I look forward to seeing it! :D

Anonymous posted on 28 May, 2009 - 13:44
Looking forward to this, I might have to bring my Chevalier Cosplays to Aya.

GunstarVixen posted on 29 May, 2009 - 15:32
oh please do! and upload more pics of yours! I never got to see them :(

Mighty Odango posted on 30 May, 2009 - 12:47
Ah, was watching this last night and thinking how much I'd like to see a really good Lia/D'Eon in this outfit! You'll look amazing :)

nanahara posted on 25 June, 2009 - 15:47
niiiiiiiiiiiiice XD

Ranma1-2 posted on 7 August, 2009 - 13:22
Very nice. Wow you work so fast! Sword looks like it will look really sleek and smooth when it is finished. :) How did you stiffen the fabric for your jacket?

GunstarVixen posted on 7 August, 2009 - 15:38
@Ranma1-2 - thanks! The fabric hasn't been stiffened, I've used a polycotton Twill fabric, which is a nice weight, and it it lined with good old normal Poly! So it ended up being a really nice thickness and weight!

Manjou posted on 7 August, 2009 - 19:56
Why haven't I commented on this already? o.o! I'll look out for this at Aya, D'eon is awesome and cosplay of him is double aweseome ^^

Ranma1-2 posted on 8 August, 2009 - 00:38
Ah so the trick with jackets is to get a good weight fabric to start with. Thanks. :)

Amy-Lou posted on 11 September, 2009 - 12:39
I love the new photos. You make an awesome stern face and the tailoring is so smart!

DefineImagineMJ posted on 11 November, 2010 - 23:18
Awesome! I watched this series earlier in the year. My first thought afterwards was "like a French Shakespeare tragedy" but it's a great anime. Love it.

j_mercuryuk posted on 18 December, 2011 - 02:39
I love this series and you've made such a beautiful costume. The tailoring is fantastic.

3rd August 2009


tried adding clay to the hilt, but it is waay to heavy. So I've stuck a card shape over the wire. What I'll probably do is papeir mache the whole hilt to make it nice and stiff, then use some thin ish craft foam to get the detailing. the paint and varnish. But I will need to get working on it tonight if I have a hope of it drying in time!

1st August 2009

lots done

jodhpurs done, as is the waistcoast, frilly sleeves and cravat. Just the jacket to go!! not bad for 5 hours work!

27th July 2009

sword progress

The wood is now shaped and sanded. As I'm making the hilt from clay I decided to add a wire frame to it for support. The outer frame is stiff garden wire, with thin gold wire latticed in between for extra support. Just need to add the clay, paint and varnish then I'm done.

6th July 2009


got most of the fabric on sat, just need that fabric for the jacket. I have found some, but its £7 p/m :s so I'm going to hunt round today and see if i can find it cheaper. I've cut the pieces for the jodhpurs, which just need sewing together, so thats some progress at least!

2nd July 2009


paint did not take. thankfully nail varnish remover seems to take it off. so will be sticking with black boots. oh well.

1st July 2009


So got some plastikote spray paint and did a light spray on the boots. They are still sticky 12 hours later. I will give them a little longer before i think about removing the paint and just leaving them black. they are meant to be dark brown anyway, so they wouldn't be too off. I did manage to start on the sword last night, marked out the detail and started cutting into the wood. It's still really rough but that should change after i give it a good sanding!

30th June 2009


boots turned up the other week. Very snug fit round the top, I need to wear tights when I put them on as they get stuck on bare legs. But they are still quite comfortable and look great! just need to paint them dark brown, which will be difficult, but I'm sure I'll work out how. Also bough wooden baton today (man I love the offcut pile at the timber store) for £1. it's 2x2.5cm and 70cm long it's a soft pine-y looking wood, lightweight and really smooth so should end up with a nice finish!

9th June 2009

early progress

Just purchased some boots from ebay, (for a tenner!!) they are long riding boots, which is what D'eon wears. These are black so they will need painting dark brown and a few extra bits attached. And this doesn't count as me starting this costume yet. I just have huge feet and so like to get the shoes first!

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