Rinoa Heartilly (Battle costume) - Final Fantasy VIII




This was my 2nd cosplay and also my 2nd attepmt of sewing a costume. Since I really hated my 1st cosplay and was struggling to find another character to cosplay, keeping the fact that I was looking for a character with a fairly simple costume and I pefered a someone with similiar hairstyle to mine, my friend pointed out "Rinoa" straight away. Also one of my univeristy friends said that somehow it's scary that I look like Rinoa, so I thought it will be a good idea for cosplay even though I never ever played FVIII (Yes, FFVIII is one of the very few FF games that I never played and yes, I know I'm missing out on alot since FFVIII is one of the most talked about games.)

Whlist cosplaying as Rinoa I kept on remaking the parts of the costume. The duster and arm warmers have been made twice and it will be made again for the 3rd time sometime in the future because I desperately want it to be made out of ribknit fabric. The buttons on the skirt & necklace has been changed once, more info can be found below.

Here is basically how the costume was put together...

Necklace ~ I brought it online from http://www.anime-on-line.com for £12.99 including postage. I think it's an unoffical necklace, but it still works for Rinoa and I doubt if anyone can tell the difference. I used to wear the necklace as a single ring, but now I wear it as a double ring.

Black tank top ~ I already own some black tank tops, but the one that I have specfically choosen for this cosplay is the top which had a little "v" shape at the front because the front of Rinoa's top isn't exactly a curve. I must say thanks for my mum for buying it for me in the past.

Skirt ~ Again I originally own this skirt and I thought it would be good for my Rinoa cosplay. The skirt was brought from Marks and Spencers when I was about 14-15 years old and I think I did wore it to school back in the old days. Anyway I brought 3 round gold buttons and sewn it onto the skirt to make it look more like Rinoa's. The buttons have been updated for the FFXII launch in London where I brought 3 round buttons and painted then bronze before sewing onto the skirt.

Shorts ~ I went shopping around Birmingham city centre and I accidently stumbled across long black trousers costing £1 each!!! I decided to buy one and cut it short and to sew it tighter for my Rinoa cosplay and it worked out really well. I have also brought 2 zips from the markets (about 39p each) and sewn it on the shorts. The zips were gold, so I had to use a sliver marker to colour the gold parts. This was kinda a pain because the sliver keeps on wearing off, so I had to bring a sliver marker where ever I go just incase too much gold shows up on the zips.

Ribbon ~ This was very easy to find! I brought 3 metres of black ribbon from Selfrigdes costing £1.75 (and yes I only needed 1 metre)

Boots ~ These were a serious pain to find! I've been searching for something similar Rinoa's boots for over a year and had no luck. The closest I could find were boots which I got from Muji for £3. They were kinda terrible, but at least they can back me up until I find better pairs.

Duster and arm warmers ~ The material was really difficult to find and I couldn't knit at all, so I had to buy whatever material which I think works for Rinoa even though the material is wrong. I ended up buying some blue stretchy fabric with some lining texture (anyway thats sort of Rinoa-ish) The arm warmers were made by cutting 2 long rectangles, then folding the rectangles in half and sewing a diagonle line. It took me 5 hours to make the armer warmers, but it was worth it since they turned out perfect. The long blue coat was made by using one of my tops as a rough idea of the measurements and shape. It took me hours to sew it up, but then again the shape turned out well. The best feature of this costume was the wings at the back. I painted the wings using a stencil and with white arcylics and they were really perfect. For my version 2 of the duster and arm warmers, I have used a non stretchy lined textured material.It's not the best material for Rinoia's duster, but I loved the colour and it still works.

Hair ~ I have used my own natural hair with a bit of styling so it was very easy for me. Since my hair grows and I cut it short from time-to-time, there will be a slight variation in my hairstyle every time. The only problem was my fringe is really thick, but I am hoping I can thin it out abit more without cutting it for the next time I decide to do my Rinoa cosplay again. I just need to do more shopping for better hairstyleing products.

Overall I like cosplaying as Rinoa, she is recongisable, the costume is very comfy and I can walk out in public without feeling too arkward.


Farfle posted on 3 December, 2007 - 07:47
Cute Rinoa! ^^ accurate and well made <3 ^_^

Anime_Angel posted on 24 October, 2010 - 16:15
yeah gonna be a little lazy when getting changed for once lol, plus I can use my own hair because I too have brown hair lol