Doctor Who

Cosplayer: stitcher

Variant: Burlesque Tardis

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th October 2013: It re-begins! So I'm modifying it and improving it for MCM October
So far the Hat and garter are proving pretty difficult.

The hat is a little fascinator bowler hat a little bigger than the palm of my hand. will upload all the progress of it at once as it's nearly finished.
it'll serve as the siren thing on top of the tardis. I've got 4 windows in it, (out of which 3 are currently sewn on, and one is simply pinned and constantly stabbing me in the hands)
The light in the middle is a toy police car siren light, which i'm going to have to saw the red coloured cap off the light so my light isn't red. Still looking at how to attach the light itself... and where to put the switch so it's easy access.

this years garter is meant to be a miniature tom baker scarf, but not sure if I'll be done knitting it... especially as it's going to contain a phone pocket. :) otherwise
Windows need re-embroidering
public call box sign needs re attaching
Adding skirting round the edges to make it more flattering
Tail poof needs completion.
Earrings need doing

Here's hoping that it'll all get done in time :)

27th May 2013: Done and dusted I finally finished it. Granted I was still sewing on the train there.
Had a wonderful time in full tardis splendour, but I think I'll be improving the embroidery, the garter, and the poofy tail bit (Perhaps making it in to a time vortex)
I've also now got a T.A.R.D.I.S lunch box which happily carries my wallet my phone and other little bits and pieces.
I had loads of people asking for my picture which made for major excite.
eventually I want the garter to have lots of little doctor who villains and a memento from every doctor.
Pictures will be uploaded soon. x

21st May 2013: sticking myself to more shit, and sewing myself up So i'm currently at the awkward stage where I have to wear my costume to attach pieces. so i'm sitting round in my tardis costume terrified i'm going to sit on ink or paint or something else that'll fuck it up

19th May 2013: Try to get it finished So I've set myself the impossible task of finishing this for May MCM.
Why have I done this to myself?
It'll probably be thoroughly done up for October MCM too.

What with my sewing machine being broken i'm having to do all the sewing by hand, including embroidery.
Garter has just been ordered, but i'll be arriving on the first day of MCM which doesn't give me much time to modify it :/
I'm having myself a bit of a panic.
Thinking there'll be a few all nighters between now and this weekend ¬_¬

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 20th May 2013
Oooo looks interesting! Can't wait to see :)