Osaka / Ayumu Kasuga (Winter School uniform) - Azumanga Daioh


AmeCon 2006



This was my first cosplay and I HATED it so much that I want to retire the costume straight after it's debut at the London Expo May 06, however I was lazy over the summer to make a new costume, even though I was unemployed and had a massive break from uni work, so it debuted again for AmeCon 06.

Inspiration came from one of my favourite Comedy Amine series. I must admit that I'm not a fan of comedy themed Amine's but Azumanga Daioh was the only expection. Anyway since my first time picking up a needle and attempting to make a costume, a Azu school uniform is something simple and a good choice for beginners so I decided to make the Winter school uniform. My hairstyle was also very similiar to Osaka's, but unfortunately it grew very long & out of shape when I debuted this costume and I didn't want to cut my hair for the sake of a cosplay which I didn't like.

The top was actually a T-shirt brought from B-wise/qs in Coventry and was modified, by cutting the long sleeves from the same faabric and sewn on. The white collar and the ends of the sleeve were made out of a white fabric (I forgot the fabric name, then I used ribbons for the pink linings.

The skirt was definitely the hardest task as I have not got a clue where to start. Also I only started to make the skirt after when my Financal Maths exam was over which was a day before the London Expo May 06, so I was in a dead rush to try to get it done so the skirt was so badly made.

The shoes was Wrangler designer shoes brought from Shoes Express from Coventry. The shoes were really lovely, but they were fairly high for me, so my feet ached after walking for a few hours. The overall costume was very cheap to make, but the designer shoes did killed the price of this costume.

As you can guess, I have now retired this costume. The last time I wore this costume was AmeCon 06 on Sunday just before the ball.

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